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Trump Impeachment Will Hurt Progressives

Trump Impeachment
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Yes, you read the headline correctly.

Remember this: the day after Trump gets impeached, the current Vice President, Mike Pence becomes the President of the United States. It’s not that Pence’s policies are significantly different than Trump’s. The strongest argument for keeping Trump in office is not his actions but rather the public’s reactions to his misguided buffoonery.

Pence won’t get the amount of press that Trump receives. He’s relevant because mainstream media broadcasts Trump’s outrageous behavior. Pence’s policies are just as cruel as Trump’s. The difference is that when Pence acts against the public interest, he stays quiet about it. Pence is more concerned with enacting regressive cruel policies while Trump simply yearns for the spotlight.

It seems there’s a new article daily speculating when Trump will be impeached. Such articles play on downtrodden American’s confirmation biases. Trump has the highest disapproval rating of any US president in modern history. Disapproval ratings matter because it can be used to predict the likelihood of voters turning out against the unpopular politician’s respective party.

Voters’ arguments for and against Trump and Hillary Clinton in the general election proved that Americans will show up in droves to prevent a candidate from winning. Here, the Progressives’ best strategy is allowing Trump to remain in the spotlight long enough to convince the general population to vote for Progressive Democrats instead of Republicans.

Look, there’s likely enough evidence to impeach Trump. He’s violated the Constitution with his appointments and ties to foreign countries. He’s violated international law and likely committed war crimes. He’s already signed policies into law that will hurt the middle class. Trump is working feverishly to destroy Obamacare. He’s wildly unpopular and there’s probably enough evidence to impeach him whenever the Republicans are done using him to spearhead the destruction of the bottom half of society.

In other words, Trump’s presidency is a distraction from all the cruel policies the Republicans in Congress are busy trying to pass.

Pence simply doesn’t elicit the same public outcry as Trump. He is easily accessible because his daily Twitter tirades are all over old and new media alike. It takes a very secluded individual to avoiding catching wind of Trump’s latest gaffes.

But why does the reserved-nature of Pence harm the Progressive agenda? The answer is simple: Pence cannot and will not produce massive ratings like Trump. This means the mainstream media must find other more interesting ways to make good ratings and get more viewership. Thus, Pence’s boring nature pushes national politics aside so cable news can find other ways to distract the masses.

Look, Trump is awful. He’s a mass murdering social media addict with a laundry list of problems. But you know what? He outrages Americans enough to take to the streets. A study of US History reminds us that change occurs most often according to expressed public sentiment. This is also why Trump is busy trying to repeal First Amendment speech protections.

Progressives need Trump to remain in office as long as it takes to avoid Mike Pence becoming president. A Pence presidency would inhibit significant Progressive change.  They must encourage a groundswell of support for new Progressive representatives that garner support across party lines. More importantly, Progressives must excite enough people to vote for representatives with Progressive policies that will save the poor, working, and middle classes – and the planet!

Keep Trump in the spotlight and keep the public engaged.


[Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore on Flickr, under the Creative Commons licence.]


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