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Theresa May is too weak to lead: it’s time for her to resign

Resign Theresa
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In her first major speech since she lost her majority at the Commons, Prime Minister Theresa May has insisted that her government remains on the “right path”.

Speaking at the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RTA) for the launch of the much-anticipated Matthew Taylor review of employment practices in the modern economy, the PM challenged Labour to come forward and help her to survive politically.

Despite losing a handful of MPs in the election she called, the Prime Minister remained defiant said she was “convinced that the path we are on remains the right one” and will lead to the “stronger, fairer Britain that we need”.

She then added:

“In this new context, it will be even more important to make the case for our policies and our values, and to win the battle of ideas, both in parliament and as well as in the country.”

In what she wanted to be seen as a show of humility, the PM made a direct plea to the Labour Party and its leader Jeremy Corbyn, to help her with changing Britain in the interests of those who are “just about managing”.

May has officially called in Labour to support her in delivering Brexit and other legislation following the loss of her parliamentary majority.

Of course, she recognised that the general election result wasn’t what she wanted, but said that her “commitment remains undimmed” as Britain enters a period of “great national change”.

Delusional Prime Minister 

But the truth is that the “dead woman walking”, as the ex-chancellor George Osborne once described her, really wanted to save her own skin after there was growing rumours of Tory ministers planning a mass resignation and a coup against her poor leadership.

( Source BBC Andrew Marr Show and The Guardian)

Therefore, her plea for Labour to join her in this period of great national change was more about saving her own job than helping the country.  Nobody will buy that May deeply cares about the future of this country. If she wants to lead this country, she will have to demonstrate that Osborne was wrong and that she is still securely in charge of the UK.

But Osborne is right, May is too weak to lead and is so scared to make the wrong move that she even avoids answering questions from the media. Following her relaunch speech, she only took two questions from the media, leaving some broadcasters and journalists fuming.

The once ‘strong and stable’ Theresa May, is now running scared of the media, in case they will ask her why on earth she is still prime minister.

Who can replace the PM?

Even if she has no credibility left and despite the movement against her, she will be prime minister until her party can come up with a viable alternative.

And herein lies is the problem for the Tories. The party has no natural leader and is hugely divided on Brexit. Whoever agrees to take May’s position as both prime minister and leader of the party, will have to deal with the mess left behind by one of the weakest prime ministers in living memory.

Unfortunately, none of her own political enemies within the party seems ready to take on the huge task of leading Britain out the EU whilst dealing with the political crisis that the process of Brexit represents.

It is evident that we can’t carry on for too long with a weak prime minister that has no majority and no authority. Therefore, the only valid option left on the table for Theresa May is to call for a new General Election and to resign.

For the sake of this country, May must go now.


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