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Trump’s Claim to Care Comey Mistreated Clinton Is a Ruse

Trump Impeachment
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Yesterday, after Trump fired James Comey, the White House issued the following statement: 

One might hope the lies would start after the first paragraph but true to form the lies start straightaway. President Donald Trump did not inform Comey he’d been terminated. It is undisputed that Comey was in Los Angeles at an FBI recruiting event yesterday. Embarrassingly, Comey learned of the termination from cable news, which was televised during the recruiting event.

More importantly, the detailed memorandum from the Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, states Comey mistreated Hillary Clinton during the general election by holding a press conference.


Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, wrote a memorandum recommending Comey be replaced.

How many times during Trump’s hate-filled campaign did he call for Clinton’s prosecution? For what? Her emails or using a private server? If Comey’s decision to essentially try Hillary Clinton in the court of public opinion during a general election bothered Trump so much, why did he wait until May 9th, 2017 to fire Comey?

At the second general election debate, Trump promised to get a special prosecutor to bring a case against Clinton. See the clip below:

Remember when he addressed a rally chanting, “lock her[Clinton] up”?


The reality is that Trump loved when Comey made statements to the press about re-opening an investigation into Clinton’s emails. Trump doesn’t care about the mistreatment of Clinton.  In fact, Comey’s press conference arguably helped Trump win the presidency. So, how could he genuinely pretend to care about Comey’s purported impartiality?

This memorandum essentially added fuel to the fire. It was released after Comey was terminated and is evidence the White House backpedaling after Trump’s rash decision. Trump doesn’t care that Comey acted in bad faith by holding that press conference during the general election. Trump fired Comey because he is leading the investigations into Trump’s ties to Russia. What is still not known is what recent details the investigation turned up that put Trump in fear of possible impeachment proceedings.

Another point to consider is Session’s choice to recuse himself from any investigations regarding Trump’s ties to Russia.

So, there are multiple officials in the Trump Administration that could be implicated by the evidence Comey’s investigation turned up and that’s why more than one official suggested Comey be fired.  It’s likely that Trump was too stupid to think about the ramifications of his actions before he fired Comey. President Trump didn’t realize that firing Comey would direct the press to enquire about the findings of the ongoing Trump/Russia investigation. Now the press is looking for that “smoking gun.”

One last point: Clinton’s assertion that Comey is to blame for the general election loss backfired. The Democrats, Clinton, and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) have no one to blame for their loss but themselves. Additionally, Clinton’s blame-game was a bad strategy because Trump used Comey’s mistreatment of Clinton during the general election to justify Comey’s recent termination. No one actually believes Trump cares about the way Comey’s public statements about Clinton potentially unduly influenced the election in one way or the other.

Trump doesn’t get it. This is public office: not one of his businesses. Sure, Trump could fire whoever he wanted as the boss of one of his own businesses. However, Trump’s “brilliant” idea to terminate Comey is subject to public scrutiny. He’s facing considerable backlash. Trump built a platform on convincing voters that corporate CEO figureheads could run the White House better than a candidate that actually has experience in public office, which was silly and disengenuous at best.




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