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The Express Offers Up Irresponsible Health Advice to Sufferers of Cardiovascular Disease

The story “Ditch pills to beat heart disease” was published on the front page of Daily Express this week. It builds on the statements of doctor Aseem Malhotra and his controversial book, the Pioppi Diet and seems to have no basis in science what-so-ever. The article not only offers health advice that runs contrary to medical consensus, it actively encourages sufferers of cardiovascular disease to stop taking their medication. 

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The Independent’s history of flawed science reporting.

The Independent’s Facebook page has unleashed an unparalleled barrage of poor science reporting from the paper’s history onto its followers. The common thread of these articles is their sensational, attention-grabbing headlines and the poor understanding and interpretation of the studies at the heart of the reports. We take a look at three science reports shared in a recent 24 hour period.