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Richard Feynman and the genius of simplicity

May 11th, 2018 marks what would have been the hundredth birthday of theoretical physicist Richard Feynman. Many physicists name Feynman, who passed away in February 1988, as their primary inspiration in the field and science enthusiasts all over the world frequently quote Feynman’s wit and blunt wisdom. According to a poll of scientists conducted by Physics World in 1999, Feynman was amongst the top ten physicists sharing acclaim with Einstein, Galileo and Newton.  But what is it about the man that captivates so many?

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Escaping the Grandfather Paradox

Time-travel has long been a staple of genre films, novels and television shows, with many of these tales focusing on the consequences of travelling back in time and threatening one’s own existence. The ‘grandfather paradox’ is not simply a facet of pulp fiction though, it consequences of the violation of causality have been hotly debated philosophers and physicists alike. Could the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics rescue a hapless (and clumsy) time-traveller.