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Trump’s Victory “Stupefies” DNC and Establishment Democrats

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The Democratic National Committee (DNC) should be ashamed of itself. It handed the country over to Donald Trump when it nominated the most disliked Democrat in US History, Hillary Clinton. Now, they’re playing the blame game in total disarray. What a ruse!

The DNC will argue that Trump’s win was unforeseeable. They’re wrong.

It was totally foreseeable. Every credible general election poll had Bernie Sanders beating Trump decisively. It’s the DNC’s job to nominate the best candidate to represent the US and beat the Republican nominee. The geniuses at the DNC failed on both counts.

Indeed, I wrote about this in early Spring.

In April, I wrote about the #BernieOrBust movement a month before any of the mainstream outlets caught on:

The newest poll says that at least 1 in 4 Bernie supporters refuse to vote for Hillary in the general election. If Hillary can’t get Bernie supporters to vote for her, there’s a very good chance the presidency could go to Trump or Cruz by default. Both of the Republican frontrunners would be disastrous for America.


In May, there was speculation about Clinton asking Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to step down as head of the DNC as if that would sway Sanders supporters to vote for Clinton in the general. Boy, were they wrong:

One last grand gesture on Hillary’s behalf won’t save her from Trump in the general election. Before the DNC decided it was proper to lie, cheat, and steal the primary to give the nomination to Clinton, it should have considered the backlash. Now the July convention is shaping up to look like it did in 1968. Have they not yet realized that this is the election for the “outsiders?” The voters are tired of the establishment and understand that merely getting rid of one Clinton minion won’t fix the broken system.

Before the Democratic Convention, Clinton chose Tim Kaine as a Vice President. Here’s what I wrote about him in July:

At first glance it doesn’t seem too bad, but Kaine is an avid supporter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), another disastrous US trade deal. He also supports deregulating big banks, which was one of the reasons for the 2008 crash. Kaine isn’t as dangerous as Donald Trump – but he’s still dangerous.


During the general, Clinton had time to put Progressives in her future cabinet and she appointed Ken Salazar to Head of Transitions Team:

Hillary Clinton twisted the knife in Progressives’ backs when she appointed Ken Salazar as Head of her Transitions team, which is an important appointment, albeit an underrated one. Salazar must suggest candidates for Clinton to appoint to powerful positions of federal agencies, which are routinely criticized for lack of accountability.

There are hundreds of positions that Salazar could influence. Salazar as the Head of Transitions team is disastrous for personal liberty, the climate, and working people because as Former Colorado Senator, Obama’s head of Interior, and present Partner at WilmerHale, Salazar has demonstrated support for fracking, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and the Keystone XL pipeline.


So, you see, each step of the way, Clinton had a chance to appeal to Progressives in the Democratic party – And she chose not to. She chose to grab right-leaning voters instead of the ones in her own party. She’s been accused of being tone deaf and her actions prove that assessment to be true.

Clinton, the DNC, and corporate media are busy blaming everyone but themselves. First, it was Third-party voters. Then it was Millennials, Facebook, white women, and corporate news’ fault.

One encouraging point is that Clinton still won the popular vote. This means that Trump’s demagoguery only appeals to a quarter of the country or less. However, what does that say about the people that chose not to vote because they simply couldn’t pick a candidate?

And while the DNC can also blame the electoral college for Trump’s rise, one must note, that Clinton knows the electoral college and that she knows the counties that needed the most attention. She ignored those counties – just like she ignored her Progressive base. Too little, too late and now the US must live with the irony that the electoral college, which was a system initially made to resist an unpredictable unfit populist candidate from winning the Presidency, worked exactly opposite of it’s intended purpose.

Look, I am privileged enough to live in California – a state likely to go to Clinton. I voted for Jill Stein because her policies represent my values better than any other candidate. As a Progressive, I could not ethically vote for the Republican or Democratic nominees this year.

However, the good people in the battleground states weren’t as privileged. It’s not their fault that the failing two-party system nominated a billionaire and a politician from the same elite class. The choice not to vote is sometimes just as powerful as the choice to vote.  The lack of voters was noticed this year.

But this doesn’t change the Democrat’s failure. They failed and now the country and the rest of the world must pay for the DNC’s utter recklessness.

The Democrats nominated the weakest candidate in US history. Clinton didn’t excite the base because she simply didn’t have good ideas. This was the lowest voter turnout in decades.

The establishment must stop pushing a false narrative of innocence. The Democrats drove the party and the country right off a cliff.

However, one thing is certain and that is the Democrats must unite the party to fight Trump. They can either join Progressives or they can choose to fail… again. Democrats’ current ideas remain unsold in the marketplace of ideas.

Even Republicans understand the concept of unity and that’s why the Republicans fell in line after nominating an orange demagogue.

Democrats and specifically, the DNC have blood on their hands. They’re refusing to take responsibility. They can’t be that deaf, dumb, and blind. There could be a political strategy behind it but that is a failing strategy because it was a refusal to listen to its base that got the DNC in this situation in the first place.



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