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The Second Presidential Debate Was a Mess

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After some time to reflect on the second presidential debate, most Progressives were left feeling hurt and a little hopeless.


And where was the discussion about climate change? Maybe it’s in China.


That debate was pretty ugly.



Trump promised to appoint a special prosecutor to try Clinton. This is terrifying because Clinton has already been investigated and cleared of wrongdoing for deleting emails and the attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi. Trump’s threat of prosecution is saturated in tyranny. Unfortunately, Trump was playing to the complaints of many Americans who feel salty about the two-tiered justice system. The rich and famous belong to a different justice system than ordinary people. It feels wrong and it feels unfair. People like Private Manning and Edward Snowden committed less wrongdoing than Clinton but Manning is serving decades in prison and Snowden is in exile.


As always, Clinton explained her moderate positions and missed opportunities to call out Trump’s lies. She channeled her Michelle Obama and refused to rebut Trump’s inaccurate statements by repeating, “When they go low, we go high.” Clinton hasn’t figured out that going high doesn’t mean letting Trump’s lies go unchecked. These lies must be called out in the moment to make Trump look stupid and weak because his supporters only like Trump for his hyper masculinity. Trump’s initial appeal has all been debunked with facts, video footage, a 1995 tax return, and a December court date for allegedly raping a 13 year-old.


Trump downplayed the leaked tape where he admits he can sexually assault anyone with impunity because he’s a star. It was “locker room” talk, he claimed. He’s been formally accused of rape many times. It’s not just talk. Downplaying his predatory behavior is worrisome for Progressives because the US has a severe sexual assault problem. Military rapes, prison rape, acquaintance rape on college campuses are a public health problem according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) — and here is the Republican candidate excusing his behavior during an epidemic! What happened to the party of “personal responsibility”?



What’s even more troubling is that Clinton’s plan to arm the Kurds to fight Daesh, or ISIS, oozes threats of never-ending war. Arming moderates is a failed policy that has backfired at every implementation.


When Ronald Regan armed then-moderates, Mujahedeen, to fight the Soviet Union, the moderates split off into factions that later formed Al-Qaeda, who used our own weapons against us. ISIS basically grew out of broken factions of Al-Qaeda and each new drone strike serves to recruit more moderate Muslims who’ve lost family members and now have an ax to grind. It’s obviously very complicated but that’s the gist of situation. The US can’t go on bombing like this…


More importantly, the significance of Clinton’s plan to arm the Kurds proves her interest in perpetual war. We know how this story ends. The Kurds will use weapons to fight but not destroy ISIS and eventually the Kurds will split up and its new factions will use our weapons against us. 50 years of failed foreign policy is staring Clinton in the face and she is actively choosing the path of continued military intervention. Clinton is an intelligent woman and knows the consequences of arming moderates to fight our enemies. Something more is afoot.


The only explanation for adopting a proven ineffective foreign policy is that she is looking for some benefit from perpetual war. Indeed, Halliburton and Lockheed Martin are some of the Clinton Foundation’s top donors.




One last point worth mentioning is Trump’s ironic statement about refugees and Trojan horses. Trump’s claim that defenseless refugees are the greatest “Trojan horse of all time” is outrageous projection and is simply laughable. Simpleton Trump just doesn’t get it. Trump IS the biggest Trojan horse of all time.


He won the primaries when he claimed the corrupt US political system is broken and admitted to taking advantage of it so as to appear truthful while he simultaneously dragged 16 other candidates through the mud. Americans tired of the establishment politicians, like Clinton, found it refreshing. Unfortunately, Trump is only truthful about 20% of the time. But even though some statements have glimmers of truth, his policies won’t fix the problems he complains about. His policies won’t help his supporters who generally are poor to middle class white folks struggling to make ends meet. They are vulnerable and power-hungry Trump preys on vulnerability. Trump’s policies will devastate the US, he has yet to devise a foreign policy plan, and still thinks climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese.


Who knows what to expect for the 3rd and final debate. Can it get any uglier?


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