More scandal for Nuttall as a party canvasser is caught URINATING on an elderly voter’s home

UKIP Nuttall
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Paul Nuttall, the UKIP leader and candidate for Stoke Central was caught in more controversy on Sunday 19 February. Because CCTV footage has emerged of a party canvasser urinating up the side of a voters house. After delivering one of Nuttall’s campaign leaflets.

UKIP. Now taking the p*ss

The alleged incident happened on Saturday 18 February. 73-year-old widow Marjorie Pinches, from Northwood in Stoke, heard her letterbox go just before midday. She then noticed a man seemingly urinating up the side of her house on her CCTV.

But not only did the person foul her wall, he then tried to force himself into Marjorie’s home.


Posted by Steve Pinches on Saturday, 18 February 2017

Marjorie told The Stoke Sentinel:

It’s been almost five years since I lost my husband and I am very dubious about opening the door, that’s why I have got these cameras.

According to social media reports, UKIP at first denied that they knew who the man was. But UKIP chairman Paul Oakden confirmed it was a party member. But he said no action would be taken against the member:

He was embarrassed enough to be caught short, even more so that he was seen. We are not going to take punitive action against a 78-year-old member with prostate problems. We are of course very sorry that this happened and pass the resident our sincere apologies.

The end of the road for Nuttall?

A Staffordshire Police spokesman said:

We attended and we have got an officer dealing with it. We will be investigating.

With Nuttall’s ‘mistakes’ over his story on the Hillsborough disaster, the controversy over his property, and an “error” in the photography of his campaign team – he may well wish that the Stoke Central by-election was over and done with. Because his chances of winning are getting slimmer by the day.


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