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Over 100000 Attend PTI Party Rally in Pakistan Amid Panama Papers

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On Sunday 24th April 2016, the PTI party celebrated its 20th birthday in the F-9 park, Islamabad since its inception and also PTI marched against the corruption amid the Panama Leaks revelation against Pakistan’s Prime Minister.  It has been revealed that his sons and other family members are linked and own several offshore companies in the British Virgin Island and also own properties worth billions of pounds in Mayfair and Park Lane in London. The Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, and his family kept denying that they ever owned offshore companies in the past.

The rally for the PTI party in Sohan village was led by Malik Amir Ali, chairman of the Union council in Sohan, Islamabad along with PTI senior members Riad Khan Bangash, Malik Gul Hameed, Zia Ur Rehman Khan, Wahab Khan, Naeem Abbasi, myself Sajjad Khan Bangash and several other supporters. The rally went through Faizabad interchange all the way through Zero Point Interchange, Centaurus Towers and culminating into the F-9 park, Islamabad where heaps of caravans and rallies from over Pakistan converged to attend the rally. Imran Khan delivered a speech and highlighted the ‘countrywide protest’ against corruption and the Panama papers revelations of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr Nawaz Sharif.


Now PTI’s strategy is to spread ‘countrywide slogan’ against ‘corruption’ and try to convince the people that Pakistan has to uproot the corruption from the state-run departments.

PTI along with other opposition parties have demanded the immediate step down of the Prime Minister if the setting government fails to form a ‘judicial enquiry with international forensic experts’ to investigate and probe into the money trail. Failure to comply with the terms demanded by all opposition parties, PTI party under the leadership of Imran Khan has threatened to launch countrywide protests against the government.IMG_20160424_180108

So far, the government has written a letter to the supreme court to appoint a fully functional and empowered bench to investigate the money trail but several opposition parties have refused it on the premise of ‘terms of references’ and as an ‘eyewash’ which don’t comply with the true spirit of the demands under which a ‘free and transparent forensic enquiry’ can be proceeded. Instead of complying with the demands of all opposition parties, the current government is trying to save its face by lingering on the issue by resorting to blackmailing tactics.

In the meantime, the Pakistani Military has taken stern actions against its high-profile officers on corruption charges by removing 12 high commanding officers.

Therefore, it becomes increasingly important for the people of Pakistan to come out on the streets and demand a free and transparent forensic-like enquiry into the Panama Leaks and money trail of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family.

It’s estimated that approximately 100,000 attended the rally which has aggressively put tremendous pressure on the government and from the next week, PTI is spreading the protest all across Pakistan.

A significant proportion of the 190 million plus Pakistanis are now demanding that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family’s offshore companies be known to the nation and also as to how the public money has been transferred abroad through money laundering and other illegal means.


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