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We have a responsibility to protect Syria, not invade it

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Since the alleged chemical attack in Syria on the 4th April, the internet has been ablaze with evidence that the attack was staged and Assad is not actually the perpetrator of a senseless attack against his own people, on the brim of defeating ISIS, snatching defeat from the hands of victory.

Some people, defying all experience of Iraq etc., have been visiting internet echo chambers for their emotions to be manipulated in support of bombing, as if bombing does anything but destroy the very children they purport to save. Below you have but a small sample of the massive evidence that Assad’s chemical attack is but a shoddily-put-together conspiracy theory.

True or false?

We are discouraged from investigating various conspiracies, or explanations for events alternative to the official narrative, but we are commanded to embrace this obvious conspiracy theory without a blink. See the extent of the deception below.

Mr A – Air strikes on Syria. A new US act of aggression. The US is a global dictator. I don’t believe the US/ BBC for one second when it claims chemical weapons attack on civilians. This is to help the US and Saudi terrorists in Syria.

Ms B – I agree. Although I don’t doubt it was Assad who used chemical weapons on his own people and such an attack is deplorable, it reminds me of how the US used the protection of civilians in Iraq in 2003 as a smokescreen for their own geopolitical agenda. It’s very worrying. I would go so far as to say that if Russia respond with aggression, it will mark the start of WW3.

Ms C – He didn’t, Ms B. It is all propaganda, debunked in 2013 by MIT researchers who questioned the veracity of that attack. Please follow the link.

Furthermore, here is former British ambassador to Syria Peter Ford, talking about why the attack is a probable false flag from the same government that lied about WMDs:


We also know that the last of Syria’s chemical weapons were removed in 2014:

Past false flags

This research shows the evidence of falsification of previous attack, it is by producers and directors in Britain who point out the falsehood of the official documentary Syria’s Children in 2013. They challenged BBC Panorama on the inconsistencies in the material.

A fact beyond dispute is that a piece of the BBC Panorama film has been manipulated.

— Tim Hayward, professor of Environmental Political Theory at the Edinburgh University.

 And, perhaps key to this plot, but withdrawn by Daily Mail from its online website, is this article showing clear as the light of day, a leaked plan to frame Assad for a chemical attack in Syria organised by the US.

Article the Daily Mail, deleted in the light of recent narrative

Any rebuttal of my argument will have to take into the account the above data. If you refute the evidence on emotional reactions and righteousness without studying it, I waive responsibility. The amount of evidence is astonishing, and any citizen who claims they care about the lives of innocent children (or adults for that matter), has a duty to investigate before supporting the bombing of said people in blind faith to the official version of events.

Mr A – “Although I don’t doubt that it was Assad who used chemical weapons on his own people, such an attack is deplorable.”

BBC and the US has promoted many fake attacks by US enemies  –  a full list of confirmed, out-in-the-open, false flags of US and UK on their own people is here  –  and the previous alleged Syrian government chemical weapons attack in the “Syria’s Children” Panorama documentary where the BBC faked the after-effects of an alleged Syrian chemical attack using actors. In 2013, statements that the last of Assad’s chemical weapons had been destroyed were made in the Hague:

On 23 June, the head of OPCW, Ahmet Üzümcü, announced in The Hague that the last of Syria’s declared chemical weapons had been shipped out of the country for destruction.[1] The last 8% of the chemical stockpile was loaded onto ships at Latakia. The most toxic chemicals, including sarin precursors and sulphur mustard, were destroyed by 18 August aboard the US naval vessel MV Cape Ray.[105] The remaining were destroyed in the US, Great Britain and Finland.[1][106] (Wikipedia)

Assad has WMD this time? Solid evidence is required for that one, I’m afraid. Not simply BBC, Guardian, CNN, and FOX propaganda.

Ms C – The pictures that circulate on social media of the “Assad attack on his own people” look awfully fake. Because:

  1. The children don’t really look like victims of a chemical attack, just still and doused with white powder.
  2. Inconsistencies have been pointed out by experts with regards to the symptoms of the  so called sarin poisoning; in fact, you can see bruising on the necks of some of the children, pointing to probable execution before the White Helmets “rescue” video. The appalling speculation by experts is the White Helmets may have killed children for the purpose of the propaganda video and staging of false flag. As evidenced by the Swedish Association of Doctors for Human Rights analysis of a video of a child being killed on camera. Also, the absence of actual scarring or disfigurement, like you see in victims of chemical weapons in Yemen and Palestine.
  3. The White Helmets who are showed taking care of the dead bodies are not wearing gloves, which would, if the attack was with sarin gas, lead to severe burns upon touching the sarin-poisoned victim.
  4. The White Helmets have been exposed as fake if you know where to look. Look up Daniel Margrain’s work on this.
  5. The same few “official photos” circulate which is more sign of a staged op. The bulk of videos of the alleged chemical attack was posted by an NHS doctor, Shajul Islam, previously trialled for terrorism. See the article here. A line investigated by Peter Hitchens as well.
  6. Your leaders, your government virtue signal about fake chemical attack victims in Syria, a country it destroyed, yet PROFIT from the real butchery of millions of Yemeni and allows the other butchery in Palestine. It’s so obvious, monstrous and deceptive it makes one want to scream.


We’re all cheering at May’s “important” stand of not wearing a hijab when she sells them the weaponry that kills innocents? What is this selective outrage? We cry on cue to fake news to support mass bombing based on no evidence whatsoever but dismiss the real tyrants our government does business with? Lives of Yemeni kids pale in comparison to fashion choices? What are we? How much more evidence of lies and deceit do you need to realise you’re being manipulated? At the cost of whole other nations’ devastation and mass murder? Do you understand the meaning of the word evidence?

Mr A – They’re relying on people who don’t pay attention to the world around them. And that relies on keeping people too busy in their jobs to think.

Ms B – … tumbleweeds.

We are waiting for the triggering, or the realisation of the public. So far, just triggering. But how amnesiac is the public? They lied about Vietnam. They lied about Afghanistan. They lied about Iraq. They lied about Libya. But you think they’re telling the truth about Syria?

Growing evidence

The evidence on this is really mounting:

The White Helmets are acclaimed as saviours in the midst of war, but enough evidence points at their violent and deceitful methods and ties with Al Qaeda and Al Nusra.



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