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There, I said it. And it was every bit as jarring as I’d imagined. “President Trump.”

There are many lessons to learn. All will come in time. I’ve collected myself enough to write an initial piece.

I’d like to offer a list of considerations about the significance of President Trump. Further articles with more detail to come but until then, consider the following:

  • His Cabinet
    • Chris Christie is Trump’s Head of Transitions Team. This means that Christie will be suggesting and nominating people to Trump’s Administration.
    • Newt Gingrich as Secretary of State
    • Steven Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary
    • Rudy Guiliani as Attorney General

All other positions are to be determined but the possibilities are beyond bleak. Christie, Gingrich, Mnunchin, and Guiliani are right-wing nuts that support big banks, big oil, and war.

  • His Vice President
    • Mike Pence is no gem. He’s a ruthless Conservative who campaigned on allocating funds to gay conversion electroshock therapy.
    • As Indiana Governor, he signed an unconstitutional bill into law prohibiting women from electing to have an abortion due to the race, gender, or disability of the fetus. The bill also required women that had abortions or miscarriages hold a funeral for their dead babies.
  • The Planet
    • Trump cares about money and right now big oil is one of the world’s most profitable industries. Many of his possible cabinet members are part of the big oil industry. Expect more fracking, more pipelines, more extreme weather, and more gas explosions.
    • Side note on the explosions – Trump believes in deregulation. Therefore, he will deregulate the part of the oil industry that hires workers to check for gas leaks and oil leaks to make sure things like our water supplies aren’t contaminated.
    • Kiss safe drinking water goodbye. I hope you have an extra $400 around to have a reverse osmosis water purification system in your house.
    • Trump will have the nuclear codes and then we won’t even have a planet to save.
  • Humanity
    • It’s now acceptable to be openly racist, bigoted, and sexist. The very existence of President Trump is overt hatred. Hatred will be written into laws that violate civil rights and human rights.
  • International Relations
    • Hope everyone is ready for World War III.
  • American Women
    • Forget equal pay for equal work, the right to choose what to do with one’s body, and paid maternity leave. The anthesis of these policies will be made and implemented by anti-women Republican lawmakers.
  • American Workers.
    • The right to work for less. Forget a living wage. Hell, forget about a minimum wage. Trump wants to give American workers the right to negotiate their own pay with right-to-work laws. However, those of us who’ve studied policy know that the US tried this during the Lochner Era when big industry controlled the jobs market, child labor was exploited, and workers were paid far less than the actual worth of their work.




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