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Portland, Oregon Trump Protestor Shot in Confrontation

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Friday night, a Trump protester was shot on a bridge in Portland, Oregon. Dozens were blocking access to a bridge when the suspect reportedly shot the victim in the leg. The injury was not fatal. Unfortunately, the suspect is still at large.

It’s important to place this incident in context:

Generally, when there’s talk of violence against protesters the discussion centers around police using bean bags or rubber bullets to shoot protesters, macing, or tasing. When protests turn to riots, of course, it’s acceptable for law enforcement to use justified force. However, here, a private citizen shot a protester. It’s unlikely this was a random act of violence. This was likely an assailant who was angry at all protesters.

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution grants citizens the right to peacefully assemble. There have been some reports of rioting but considering the number of protests, few have actually lead to riots.

Mainstream media fuels the anger. It portrays the protesters to be more violent than they really are. The reality is that mainstream media (AKA corporate media or establishment media) usually doesn’t air stories about nonviolent protests. Non-violent protest coverage produces low ratings.

More importantly, covering non-violent protests sends the message to the masses that protesting is okay. The corporate media owners cannot have this.

But, non-violent protest is okay! In fact, it’s even legal. However, the owners of the corporate media wish to stifle debate and quash dissent. Now that FOX, MSNBC, and CNN are mouthpieces for Washington, it follows that these news stations exist to serve their owners.

So, mainstream media’s motive is to cover all protests as violent protests or riots because it produces ratings, deters others from protesting, and sparks a hatred of protesters who are legally exercising their First Amendment rights.

Criticisms of the Trump protester will likely surface as a justification of the violence against him. To be clear protests are not supposed to be convenient, nor are protests to be used as justification to commit acts of violence on another person. The reason Trump won the electoral college and the presidency was because citizens just could not be inconvenienced to vote. Therefore, a quarter of the nation decided Trump would represent all Americans.

One last point – Let us for a minute imagine if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency. The country is so divided that it can be said, with near certainty, whoever won the presidency would spark protests. Trump supporters would likely be protesting Clinton. However, it can also be said with near certainty, that there would not be as many instances of physical and verbal abuse and intimidation. The fools running around the US drawing swastikas on walls and banners did not vote for Clinton.

protesterMany Trump supporters are notoriously extreme pro-Second Amendment advocates that incorrectly interpret it to grant private citizens use of assault rifles, or any firearm because they think they are members of a militia. Imagine Trump supporters taking to the streets in an anti-Clinton protest. It’s almost amazing that only one anti-Trump supporter has been shot albeit one too many.

Trump’s divisive hateful rhetoric has sparked violence and harassment across the US. Since Tuesday, The Southern Poverty Law center said there have been at least 200 incidents of physical and verbal abuse and intimidation.

Since the mainstream media is fueling discontent for protesters, it’s unlikely the Portland, Oregon protester will be the last to be shot for exercising the right to peacefully protest.




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