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PMQs: Mayhem today! A very Tory Brexit shambles

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When you think that it can’t get any worse, wait until you watch Theresa May trying to explain that her government has a Brexit plan, but she won’t tell MPs about it.

Mayhem at PMQs

On Wednesday 16 November, at Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) and without nastiness, Jeremy Corbyn asked all the right questions, whilst May and her ‘we won’t reveal our negotiating stance’ line sounded increasingly more like she doesn’t have a plan at all.

In a series of sharp exchanges on the lack of government’s policies about Brexit, the Labour leader repeatedly pressured the PM to spell out what Brexit actually means.

Corbyn stated:

“The government is making a total shambles of Brexit and nobody understands what the strategy actually is.”

He went on to say that even Boris Johnson thought that Brexit would be a “titanic success” at an event a couple of weeks ago and then added:

“She’s getting advice from the Foreign Secretary now. Can we all hear it?”

He rounded back onto that Deloitte memo and said that the government needed to reveal a plan.

And then Corbyn launched his best attack yet at PMQs:

“We have an international development secretary who’s opposed to overseas aid. We have a health secretary who is running down the health service. We have a chancellor with no fiscal strategy. We have a Lord chancellor who seems to have difficulty defending the judiciary. We have a Brexit team with no plan for Brexit and as has just been shown, we have a Prime Minister who is not prepared to answer questions on what the actual Brexit strategy is. We need a better answer than she’s given us.”

The PM answered back with her usual attack on Labour:

“They talk, we act. They posture, we deliver. We are getting on with the job. He’s not up to the job.”

But there was no laugh behind her as her answers felt inappropriate. The PM was again unprepared and vulnerable at PMQs.

Later on, SNP MP Tommy Shepherd asked the PM how she will deal with US President Trump, who earlier vowed to ban entry to the US for Muslims.

May replied:

“The special relationship we have with the US is very important both for the US and the United Kingdom.”

The PM can’t even provide an answer to a simple question on how she will deal with President-Elect Trump.

Scisco Verdict:

Corbyn hammered May on her “vagueness over Brexit plans”. The PM was yet again unable to give a clear answer to any of Corbyn’s questions and used “bullying tactics” instead of giving serious answers.

May was in a verbal car crash today at PMQs, but for all of us, it was painful to watch.

Twitter verdict:

Shadow Education Angela Rayner was bang-on again.

Mayhem PMQs

Tim Montgomerie, columnist for The Times thought that Corbyn was good.

Mayhem PMQs

SNP Leader Angus Robertson agreed with us: May can’t answer a single question.

Mayhem PMQs


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