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Paul Ryan: If You Can’t Beat Trump – Join Trump

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Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, just endorsed Donald Trump. It seems as if Ted Cruz would have been Ryan’s first pick but Trump steam-rolled Cruz (and 15 other candidates) during the GOP primaries. Cruz’s rhetoric doesn’t contain the overtly racist and sexist language Trump’s fans are looking for. Nonetheless, it’s time Republicans realize its base eats up discriminatory policies as if it’s going out-of-style. They like overt discrimination even more and that’s why they like Trump.

Ryan wrote an article for The Janesville Gazette, his hometown paper, and voiced his confidence that Trump would further the Republican’s agenda. He also claimed a Clinton presidency “would mean four more years of liberal cronyism and a government more out for itself than the people it serves.” This statement oozes projection. But I digress…

It’s a wonder it’s taken so long for Trump to gain support from more members of the Republican establishment. It’s like they wanted to keep their coded-language “secret” under wraps. It’s like they think Americans can’t figure out that “thug” or “criminal” means minority or that “pro-life” actually means anti-women and specifically anti-poor-women.

Paul Ryan

Trump has a larger base than we’d like to think and the reality is that Trump won most of the Republican votes. The Republican Party is dying and it needs all the voters it can find to save the party.

There really isn’t much difference between Trump’s rhetoric and Republican-proposed laws. Take abortion for example – red states have passed laws effectively overruling the right to abortion. Also, there’s a disturbing trend of creating laws to punish women for having abortions and doctors for providing abortions. Not too long ago, Trump had to backpedal his assertion that women and their doctors should be punished for abortions.

Also, the way the Republican Party treats undocumented Mexican immigrants is awful. It’s not even an issue. FBI stats prove there’s a negative Mexican immigration rate. Yet, Paul Ryan recently proposed a budget that beefed up border security.


American children are literally starving and he’d rather cut free lunch and pour money into a policy that needs to die. During a CPAC convention, Paul Ryan said Obama’s school lunch program gave children full stomachs and left them with empty souls. No child should be hungry in America. Period.

I imagine Trump would tell the parents of the starving children to get jobs. Again, he completely misses the issue. There are jobs. The majority of parents have jobs but they are low paying jobs. But low paying jobs are good for businesses, so, don’t expect Trump to propose a hike for the minimum wage. That’s not part of the business agenda. It’s not part of the Republican agenda.

Ryan also wants to cut Social Security. Ryan partly funded his out-of state tuition at an Ohio public university with Social Security survivor benefits that he received after his father died. He uses the system to get ahead and then deny that opportunity to anyone else. Sounds exactly like Trump, doesn’t it?

Paul Ryan[Image credit: biography.com]

Trump is one of the biggest conmen of our time but Paul Ryan represents the Republican Party, which is the biggest “con-party” of our lifetime. It uses coded language to discriminate against minorities, women, and the poor. The only difference between Trump and establishment Republicans is the rhetoric. Otherwise, they want the same things: crony capitalism, tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, and war (it’s a very profitable industry) at the expense of the little guy.

Of course, Trump will further the GOP’s agenda. Trump is conning the average American out of their vote so that he can endorse policies that screw them out of their money. What do you think Trump University was all about? He IS part of the upper echelon that houses the 1%. He’s not going to make policies that would hurt him or his friends and colleagues residing at the top.

Plus, Sheldon Adleson is expected to pour about $100 million into Trump’s general election campaign. Once he isn’t self-funding anymore, he’ll be much easier to control. That’s what the Republicans need from Trump. They need to be able to control him a bit and all will be well in GOP land.

Trump is inartful. At times it makes the Republican Party appear as crazy as it truly is. However, people are so tired of polished politicians that Trump voters think it’s refreshing he speaks his mind. When more Republicans realize it’s now socially acceptable to display hideously discriminatory views, more Republicans will jump on the Trump train.


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