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Labour MP Alex Cunningham’s blatant lies and SNP gains

Alex Cunningham
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In Scotland, the Labour Party has seen its once solid grasp of power dramatically slip and slide in favour of the new kids on the block, the SNP. The reason for this? Well, my theory is that repetitive lies from the Westminster elite in combination with the anti-Establishment rhetoric and politics of the SNP has caused a national awakening. Labour’s Alex Cunningham and his Westminster chums have further cemented my confidence in this theory.

Yesterday, during the WASPI campaign debate that wasn’t called by Labour, but by the SNP, Alex Cunningham, the Labour MP for Stockton North, claimed that the SNP had just one speaker in the debate. But this wasn’t true. Not even remotely:Alex Cunningham

The backlash that followed:

Alex CunninghamAlex Cunningham

Upon further investigation of the debate, I can reveal that 10 SNP MPs spoke, many of them more than once. 12 Labour MPs also spoke in that debate. It’s important to remember that the ratio of SNP MPs to Labour MPs is roughly 4:1.

If Labour MPs such as Alex Cunningham want to win back Scotland, I’d advise dropping the lie-ridden, faux-tough talk in favour of actual substance.

Alex Cunningham did however, speak in the debate and he did attack the Conservative government. Unfortunately, his attacks on the Conservative government were overshadowed by his attempts to political point score from the SNP who are on the same side as Labour on this issue:

“It is important to remember that, through devolution, the Scottish Parliament does have the power to provide top-up benefits for people in Scotland, but it has yet to act.


“We have already heard that the last joint working group on welfare shows that the SNP Scottish Ministers at Holyrood do not even feel confident enough to implement any of their new social security powers quite yet and have asked for the timetable to be pushed back.


“I suspect that there will be no joy for the Scottish WASPI women there.”

Thankfully, SNP MP Mhairi Black, the youngest MP in the country, who was the first MP to speak about the WASPI campaign over a year ago, was next to respond:

“I have been biting my tongue the whole way through because of the incredible hypocrisy and lack of knowledge on these Benches—I was going to say on the Conservative Benches, but now unfortunately I have to add the Labour Shadow Minister to that.


“Scotland does not have the power over pensions. If anyone wants to dispute that, I suggest that they get the Scotland Act 1998 and go to section 28, and they will see that in all the reserved matters that we are entitled to top-up, pensions is not included.”

Alex Cunningham has kept both Tweets on his account for over 21 hours from the point of writing this article and what’s more is that he shows no signs of dropping the fabrication, despite being factually corrected both during the debate and immediately after. A famous George Orwell quote springs to mind:

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

With all the talk of deselection of Labour MPs by the party’s members, I think Alex Cunningham and other Establishment figures within the party are playing a risky game by openly purporting untruths and political point scoring.

Scotland has rejected Establishment politics. If England and Wales reject Establishment politics, like I suspect they will, Labour MPs like Alex Cunningham, up and down the rest of the UK, are going to seriously struggle holding onto their seats.

And who will take their seats? Something has to change within the Parliamentary Labour Party before it’s too late.


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