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Maybe President Trump Was What the Masses Needed

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“President-Elect Trump.”

No matter how many times I force myself to say it, I still feel nauseated. Despite feeling unsettled, Progressives, like myself, aren’t shocked by a Trump Presidency. No, we’re just utterly repulsed.

I was prepared to fight Clinton’s hawkish foreign policy and corporatist domestic policy starting on day one. I was ready to fight that fight. In fact, I’ve been writing about it since April. But I wasn’t prepared for this “Trumplandia” emotional roller coaster.

Anger. Sadness. Depression. Fear. Anxiety. Cynicism. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Repeat again.

Remember that saying: “Things have to get worse before they get better”? That’s US’s current state.

Look, I’d be lying if I said the US is okay. Americans are not okay. Things are bad right now and they’re probably going to get worse.


Since November 8th, more than 400 hate crimes have been reported. Millions of families worry they’ll be separated. Women wonder how long they’ll have control over their own healthcare. Hell, even men are apprehensive about losing their healthcare. Peaceful Muslims are scared to wear hijabs in public and fear concentration camp imprisonment someday. Same-sex couples are afraid they’ll lose marital status. Swastika graffiti is appearing all across the country. Children are verbally and physically assaulting each other at school. This has not been a week that made me proud to be an American.


Trump is stocking his cabinet with racists. Literally. He’s got at least two white nationalists in his cabinet and it’s going to get worse. Even if Trump fills the rest of his administration with corporatists and Conservatives, be aware that they still support racist policies despite an outwardly acceptable demeanour.

Americans are finally waking up. Anti-intellectualism was so five minutes ago.

Protests are erupting across the country. Organising and boycotting are ramping up because people are finally coming together to protest the ruling class.

Susan Sarandon’s project #BankExit is encouraging Americans to take their money out of the banks that invest in the company building the Dakota Access pipeline, Energy Transfer Partners.

Hillary Clinton was greatly disliked, but her Corporatist cabinet just wouldn’t spark the outrage needed to inspire the masses to participate in civil disobedience and organised protests. It was not Rosa Parks alone who fought and won the rights for blacks to sit anywhere on the bus. It was the coalition behind her that refused to pay for bus transportation to hit the bussing system where it really hurt: in the wallet. A systematic takedown was necessary to win back then and it will be necessary today.

Hang in there. The sane part of the country will have to fight like hell for the next four years. But you know what? It beats watching our country slowly deteriorate under Neo-Liberals, like Clinton. Now is the time to get active and advocate for things like universal health care, tuition-free college, a living wage, and pay equality.

In two years, the Midterm elections will give Americans a chance replace the Conservatives and corporatist Democrats up for re-election. They must be replaced with Progressives. Every single American must work together before Trump decides to build internment camps or cause a global economic crash followed by worldwide depression.


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