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What Did James Comey Discover about Trump?

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Donald Trump just fired the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), James Comey.

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Clinton voters are likely thrilled but they must reserve enthusiasm. Comey deserved to be fired a long time ago for publicly making misleading statements about reopening the Clinton email investigation, while simultaneously failing to disclose the FBI’s other investigation into Trump’s corruption and possible ties to Russia. Comey is biased. He is not even-handed. The Director of the FBI must be as fair and impartial as possible. Comey simply fails to meet these qualifications. It would be no surprise if Clinton voters take a moment to soak in, or tweet about, sweet revenge.

They shouldn’t get ahead of themselves.

Remember, that if Trump ever faces impeachment proceedings, Vice President, Mike Pence is next in line. Additionally, Paul Ryan is third in line. What a dark dreary day it would be if Paul Ryan was the head of the Executive branch.

The million dollar question is: what did Comey discover about Trump?

As the head of the FBI, Comey was leading, or at least overseeing, the investigations about Trump’s ties to Russia. What did Putin and Trump agree on? Does Comey have solid evidence Trump committed treasonous acts in cahoots with Putin?

Trump discovered Comey found unpalatable evidence regarding Trump’s relationship with Putin. It was likely that Comey found substantial evidence implicating Trump and his administration. This evidence could be used to begin formal impeachment proceedings against the President.

This President often makes decisions without weighing the pros and cons. Trump’s actions are often swift and erratic. He probably fired Comey because he felt threatened. There is a laundry list of evidence on Trump’s corruption and constitutional blunders. What makes this new evidence so significant that Trump fired Comey straightaway?

Remember when Richard Nixon fired the people associated with the Watergate investigation? That was the Saturday Night Massacre, which occurred in 1973. If history repeats itself, Trump will soon resign and Pence will issue Trump a pardon so he doesn’t wind up where he deserves to be – in prison.

Trump has either fired or forced the resignation of most of those involved in the FBI’s current investigation. This sounds an awful lot like Nixon’s plan: just slightly more stealth. But, regardless of Comey’s termination, the investigation will continue. If Trump follows Nixon and refuses to comply with evidentiary requests, thereby obstructing the investigation, he may have no other choice than to pull a “Nixon” and resign. Pence as president is no prize. So, Americans are not out of the weeds yet.

Progressives, keep on fighting and keep on electing to local offices strong Progressives with policies that help the poor, working, and disappearing middle class.

And – Don’t forget that after Ford, Jimmy Carter was elected President.

I’m reluctant to think any evidence short of Russia hacking into voting machines to change votes and ultimately alter the outcome of the elections would be enough to get the orange-faced buffoon impeached. He’s more likely to shoot himself in the foot and resign before having a chance to be impeached.

Now, it is just left to discover what on Earth Comey found. Stay tuned…


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