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Somewhere in a secret 5 Michelin star restaurant where paupers are only admitted as human foot stools, Iain McNicol and Tom Watson must have been sitting in a tree. Gobbling human liver foie gras and wine made from the blood of virgins, their conversation must have been something like this:

–Hey Tom old boy, we have these damn peasants taking the Labour constitution a bit too literally, they want a slice back from the pie now, rallying behind this Jeremy scally, re-elected despite our best efforts. What to do?

–Well it’s easy Iain boy, we eject the damn paupers.

–You can’t eject all of them.

–OK, then raise registered supporter fee to £25, these paupers will have to choose between bread and voting, they can’t win, haha!

–Just done the figures, that doesn’t get rid of all of them. You see some of them have been alerted to our machinations.

–But how?! We do own ALL the press.

–Some media organisations must have sprouted like weeds through cement: Canary, Scisco Media. Papers “of the left”. Eugh.

–Well close them!

–We can’t Tom, we have…erm.. “Democracy”.


–ROFL. I know. But the appearance must be maintained.

–Can’t we tell them these media are fake?

–How very brilliant, old sport! I mean comrade.

–Yes, brill, old man. Tell the Jim Watersons and the Owen Joneses what to whisper to morons, they’ll buy anything from them “bleeding hearts”.

Evil rubbing of hands ensues.

Or so I think it went, I don’t know, I’ve been passed out drunk since the Snooper Charter was passed this week. I went through my Christmas case of fake wine, and drunk my real sorrows as the last of my liberties went out the window, and I bet the rest of you didn’t even notice the satanic bills just passed in Parliament.

See the idea is to do basic maths between things that “happen” in the media: 1) Nazi Trump hysteria, 2) NHS further privatised while infants and the elderly die in hospitals because of cuts, 3) Surveillance state’s deathly stranglehold over your life, 4) Digital Economy Bill tells you what you may wank to (apparently male spunk fine, female ejaculation banned –let you draw conclusions on that one). And other shit, like war and famine, but that’s not on your front lawn so yawn, yeah?

Busy buying fake useless crap produced by child slave labour in the third world you’re in direct competition with (hail globalisation), busy eating crap produced through animal torture and irreversible ecological devastation, celebrating yet another shopping festival dressed as “religious” holiday that walks all over whatever Jesus may have said, in a deliberate attempt by the corporatist fascism to make you squander your saving for “experiences” and needless possessions you are encouraged to throw away through planned obsolescence… you couldn’t have possibly noticed what is REALLY going on in the world. I don’t blame you.

The distraction is planned by the media and all corners covered for automatons to justify the state’s behaviour with pseudo economy arguments fed straight into their brains by round the clock news (the real fake news, you know, the one we pay £145 per year for). But lucky you, I have lived dictatorships before, so I can tell you the symptoms: AND IT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. And it’s not in the poppety far right corner either, as much as you’ve been conditioned to bark otherwise. Farage is an annoying prick, but how many people died cuz of his words? Austerity on the other hand, is a eugenics scheme. Thousands left to rot already. Defrauded, after paying into the system their whole lives, but discarded when they’re no longer “productive”. Words vs death. What’s more important?

While you SJW sheep were crying wolf at the wrong orange haired tree, the Snooper Charter was passed, meaning now they want to know all I do online so I don’t find out what they’re doing to me. Meanwhile the Trump hysteria chillaxed as the world discovers the man’s just an attention whore who knew what to tell crowds to incense them: you know, PLAY them. And now he satisfied his ego by getting into the White House, it’s back to business as usual for the establishment. Trump’s not the danger here: he’s a sliver of Corporate America, and we’re all Corporate America now, and that’s the real overarching danger.

And so is Farage. Might it be all this mass of “preoccupied” bourgeois dupes who worry about epithets and nasty little words “hurting them in the feelings” but don’t give a shit about millions dying in war, …could they have been played? Told “look here, shiny shiny” and they obediently waive their tiny fists in righteous fury, while the Snooper Charter is passed and the NHS dies and war goes on? I don’t know, to me this looks a bit…planned. Like what a clever powerful state might do if they wanted to distract you, using your “moral high ground”, to get shit passed that destroys your future–without you noticing.

Boiling frogs.

The technique by which this is achieved is official government fake news. ‘Member WMDs? ‘Member Libya? ‘Member these widespread and significant fake news items? Ah, but they don’t matter because they’re about war and shit and that’s nasty, let’s not think about it, let’s talk about something nice instead– how about scented candles? “Look at the bright side”. With cameras in your ass and your throat and an officer or ten over your shoulder as you type tits into google, but that’s fine because yay Black Friday sales.

Looking at the comments in this article people seem to be waking up. Not enough. The higher you go on the gloss scale, the more bullshit you have to scrape with your logical fangs. Expensive people drive around in gilded cages, high on consumerist jollies. It’s like you press a button and fools spout ready made pseudo intellectual garbage provided by the Guardian to explain away how the real things don’t matter but someone’s “hurt feelings” over social media are important enough to rearrange our existence around and dump free speech in the history bin. If I hear anymore of someone’s hurt feelings from “violent” Twitter trolls invoked to silence speech about the war, the death of the NHS, the surveillance, and everything important… I think I’ll puke in someone’s ear.

Race? Feminism? LGBT? Avenues of division. We’re all in this shit together, what good is fighting for a group going to do? That’s just diverting from the main objective. Setting people up against each other in groups and fragmented identities, laying the blame. These once legit movements are now funded by Clinton and Soros. Would they fund liberation? No. They fund your division. Your lovey dovey humanitarianism is used against you to entrench fools fighting one another while the 1% steal your future. Moral outrage at some bad words Trump said but doesn’t exhibit symptoms of believing in is the fog behind in which your freedom is pissed on by corrupt politicos.

Locally in Blighty, the fake news Tom Watson, or by his famiglia name “The Snake”, is talking about is nothing but thinly veiled attempt at censorship of us, those who want to find out what’s happening; targeting legit media like The Canary because it calls attention to their anti democratic, treacherous machinations:

“They highlighted how The Canary, one fast-growing pro-Corbyn site, recently ran a story on Watson appearing at an event held by the centrist Labour First group under the headline “A launch date for the Corbyn coup 2.0 has just been fixed, and guess who’s leading the charge?”” 

The man who wasted a summer in a failed chicken coup and made a laughing stock of the only relevant opposition party, is giving others lecture on REALITY?! You lost, man. He was re-elected. And truth comes out. Many people buy the lies. But not all, and that’s irking you.


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