The Global Awakening And Synchronised Revolution

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There’s a global awakening taking place all over the world against the status quo, elites and influential people who, by their very nature, are greedy and ruthless. By rigging elections and gaining influential power, the establishment manages our democracies thus, subjugating ordinary citizens. The ‘global elite’ or ‘the 1%’ own around 50% of the world’s wealth and aren’t ready to give up their material possessions and their firm grip over our resources, democracy, laws and regulations that protect their vested interests, anytime soon. People have to understand that it’s a ‘defining moment’ in our modern world history. Let’s get united and beat them, or else they’ll completely subjugate us from which we will never be able to be liberated. They’re constantly learning and developing new ways of election manoeuvring and amending our constitutions.

They fabricate lies in such a way that, ordinary citizens perceive it as ‘an established reality and truth’ such as ‘conducting false flag operations’ and waging wars under false pretence. They kill innocent civilians in the name of honour and security, thus, getting hold of our precious natural resources and our very lives.

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One of many gigantic Bernie Sanders Rallies


We must understand that we, the ordinary citizens of the world, are a nice, peaceful, loving and caring community. Our problems, issues, and emotions are the same and we suffer from the same miseries. What we really need to forge into our minds and hearts is that we don’t have to fabricate and develop agitation, hatred and violent radicalization against one another But instead, grow respect for each other’s cultural, religious and social beliefs while ignoring the grave lies that our media is propagating and cultivating in order to manoeuvre our thinking and senses.

The mainstream media is governed, dictated and controlled by these powerful elites who advertise their ideologies and plant messages and in fact, this is a direct form of subjugation since media is such a powerful tool. It exerts the hegemonic dominance over the masses, thus; embedding the very apparent conflict of thinking, ideologies, civilization and negation of identification in our consciousness.

A political revolution is occurring in my homeland, Pakistan, largely thanks to Imran Khan and his political party PTI. PTI as a political party founded by Imran Khan back in 1996 and has emerged as an anti-status quo movement and the biggest political party in Pakistan with record-breaking crowd attendance. Thankfully, Imran Khan is a genuine, honest and it’s becoming apparent that he is an incorruptible politician who has achieved so much in such a short amount of time.

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Today, PTI is competing against all political parties all over Pakistan, which is very difficult for other parties due to linguistic diversity and the various ideologies. For the first time ever, PTI is ruling in KPK province, which is a small province bordering Afghanistan and China and their strength here is improving. Some of the other parties are contesting purely on religious grounds or specific ideologies and some on nationalism. So all of the other political parties have their own strengths and weaknesses and specific locations where they gather their support and attract voters. However; PTI is running a very different political campaign that is countrywide irrespective of race, language spoke, dialect and religion/ethnicity.

KPK is a small province and back in the 2013 general elections, PTI won, with heavy mandate forming a provincial government in KPK. The party has woken up the nation by being different and by discussing the strengthening of institutions, women’s empowerment, and progressive ideologies, the rule of law, accountability and fully functional democratic empowerment like in several western countries. Imran Khan graduated from Oxford University and he played cricket in England for a long period of time and has taken the knowledge he learned about western democracies and their practices and incorporated them into the PTI party. PTI has now become a massive pressure group that is taking a totally different stance on national issues, accountability, corruption and justice for all compared with the other political parties.

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PTI protested against electoral fraud and overnight results manoeuvring which was once a tool of political parties and the party has enlightened the public. It has also highlighted the need for strengthening and de-politicizing the state institutions and to effectively remove the loopholes and corruption within our electoral process. It has also brought the devolution of power, improved education and anti-corruption campaigns to the forefront of popular discussion. What we’ve seen in Egypt, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, UK, USA, and Canada, reflect and point to a possible and perhaps likely, synchronized revolutionary period in our modern history where people are awakening, and, in my opinion, this is a great sign of things to come in the near future.


I am an international writer, blogger, photographer and political activist for PTI - party founded by Imran Khan in Pakistan. I'm highly sensitive person and confident in knowledge sharing and learning! My life is full of thrill and excitement, prone to have new and juvenile experiences time and again. I am very passionate, fun loving, creative and peaceful human being with a compassionate intuition and a desiring attitude to life. I like sport, travelling, food, learning new things and sharing knowledge. My passion is writing and it's a great way to express your feelings, insights, experience, share knowledge and learn thus broadening your knowledge horizon and social circles. I have never took formal education for becoming a writer, rather, I have done research online and self study. I have earned my education with great difficulty as my parents couldn't afford expensive education in my country but my passion and great love to education has gifted success to me. I have concluded my bachelor degree in Business and Economics. While walking in your life, we always prone to learn and enhance our natural acumen and exposure as we come across several opportunities, challenges and ways to rectify our mistakes, we learn in the end. I am thankful to God for such blessings.

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