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Why does the far right just keep embarrassing itself?

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The first UK “White Lives Matter” March in Margate, on Saturday 22 October saw a tiny turnout. Well, it was not just tiny – it was a total flop.

And on the same day, Britain First’s “big meeting” in London only attracted 21 people, including the speakers and staff.

Both occasions were billed as big events by the far right with hopes of attracting hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

But both events were flops.

The first ever “White Lives Matter” march to be held in UK was largely a failure. A handful of activists, some covering their faces, marched in Margate to encourage people to “be proud of your race, heritage, traditions, culture, and country”.

The march, organised by White Lives Matter UK, only managed to attract 40 or so right wing activists from the entire country:

Now, if you thought that this was a poor performance, Britain First’s “big” meeting in London was even worse.

The group wanted to organise a “big event” in the capital, right in the heartland of their main support, where the group managed to get 1% in the last London Mayoral election.

Around 21 individuals including their regular staff and speakers turned up to listen both Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen and leader Paul Golding talking about their hatred of Islam and the “superiority” of Christianity over all other religions:


Both groups, White Lives Matter UK and Britain First, may be fringe organisations, but they both spread the same lies and hatred.

White Lives Matter UK claims that “real diversity is being killed in Britain”, that “whites did not invent slavery so should not feel guilt” and are also big fans of punk songs pledging to “never be enslaved by the Zionist masterplan”. It is an anti-Semitic white supremacist group. A classic pro-Nazi sect.

Britain First on the other hand, want to be perceived as “moderate” and “respectable”. Nevertheless, it is a group that believes British Christianity is under threat. According to the group, Muslims want to invade the world and Britain – and it is their duty to protect “Britain from the Muslim invaders”. Funnily enough, it is the same propaganda that so-called Islamic State (IS) use to recruit new members. Of course, IS want to convince its new recruits that it is Islam that is under threat from Christianity, not the other way round.

The good news is that both groups’ meetings on 22 October were complete farces.

Hence the original question: why does the far right just keep embarrassing itself?

I will be honest with you: I can’t answer to that question. I will never understand why the far right just continues to embarrass itself.


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