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Daesh and the far-right: intrinsically linked?

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Let’s be clear: the fight against the Islamic State (Daesh) jihadist group proved to be a failure, as it continues to represent a danger in Europe.

Even if Daesh has suffered major military set-backs in both Syria and Iraq, the organisation is still alive, well and fighting.

And the latest attack in London has yet again showed to the world that Daesh could still strike in any European capital, as long as they have followers ready to die for their cause.

And herein lies the problem for all Western countries. Daesh’s fanatics are not only in Syria, they are among us. And they don’t even need to be organised or trained before they can start killing people. Worse, they don’t even need to be in touch with the terrorist organisation before launching a deadly attack.

The British police have since then identified the attacker who struck in the heart of London on Wednesday 22 March as 52-year-old Khalid Masood.

Yes, the low-skilled and not even trained terrorist was named on Thursday as British-born man, father of three, Khalid Masood.

The man who killed 4 people and injured 50 innocents in a rampage outside parliament was British. And he wasn’t even known as a potential threat.

“Masood was not the subject of any current investigations and there was no prior intelligence about his intent to mount a terrorist attack” London’s Metropolitan Police said in a statement on Thursday.

The Police then added that Masood was known by “a number of aliases” and had been living in the West Midlands. He was born in Kent in southeast England.

However, and as always with Daesh, it isn’t even clear that Masood was directly connected with the group.

If Masood had never been properly investigated for terrorist activities, he was known to the Police for a series of convictions including possessions of offensive weapons and public orders offences.

Masood was a criminal, but he wasn’t a ‘jihadist’ trained to kill in Syria.

Obviously, the far-right have been quick to point out that he was Muslim. And without showing any respect for the victims and their families, they tried to use this attack on British soil, to spread their hatred. They wanted us to hold the British Muslim community responsible for the actions of one low-life terrorist.

Right after the terrorist attack Tommy Robinson, the founder of the racist group English Defence League (EDL), seized the opportunity to launch an incredible attack against all Muslims.

As always with this professional racist troll, Robinson used his Twitter account to accuse all Muslims of being responsible for the act of terror against Westminster. But it wasn’t only him; other various groups such as Christian Fundamentalist Britain First used this attack to spread their hatred of Islam within minutes of the attack.

It is true that Masood may have believed in god, and may have seen himself as Muslim. But there is no clear evidence showing that Masood was a fervent Muslim. And even if he was, would that explain his actions? No, it won’t.

The underlying question is to understand how can a man who spent his entire life as a low-class criminal become a Jihadist? A man that doesn’t believe in anything else other than crime? A man that has never been linked to any serious terrorist activities?

It will be hard to understand why Masood became a terrorist. Probably, it is our society that creates those monsters.

One thing is sure however, Islam cannot explain why Masood became a terrorist.

British Muslims have unequivocally condemned his actions. And unfortunately, they feel anxious over fear of an Islamophobic backlash. That’s the other truth that you won’t hear. Muslims are also the victims of Daesh even here in Britain.

Daesh doesn’t just wage war against Western values, it also wages war against Islam and that’s why our fight against Daesh is failing.

The terrorist organisation and its allies across the globe have killed thousands of Muslims and continue to kill women, children and entire families every day. Both in Syria and Iraq, the terrorist group has been in control of a vast territory and have imposed a fascist regime upon the local populations. Yes, Daesh persecute and kill Muslims. In other words, it hates Islam.

In Western Countries, Daesh is recruiting “soldiers” through sophisticated propaganda aimed at dividing Muslims. Like the rest of the far-right, Daesh don’t believe that British Muslims are British before being Muslim.

There is an obvious link between the far-right in Europe – or in the US – and the death cult that Daesh is. They both want us to be divided. Daesh is at war with anyone who believes that Muslims can live in peace in Western countries. But the far-right believe exactly that. They want us to be at war with Islam. Some may argue that the far-right has never organised a terror attack in Britain, so they are less a threat than Daesh.

Many may have already forgotten, but Britain’s last terror attack was the 2016 assassination of MP Jo Cox by a pro-Nazi sympathiser shortly before the deeply divisive June vote to leave the EU.

Yes. The far-right is no better than Daesh.


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