There is a cult at the heart of the Labour party

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“The Labour Party have become a cult.” claimed the disgraced MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk, after Jeremy Corbyn won his stunning victory in last year’s Labour party leadership contest.

Claims of cult-like behaviour in the Labour party have been continually repeated by Labour MPs and political commentators, ever since.

I must admit to being initially sceptical. Claims that a small number of people have been engaging in weird sectarian behaviour, unconditional worship of a leader, refusal to conform with the views of the wider party and the slavish allegiance to unpopular dogma, seemed to be a bit far-fetched.

As the months went by it became patently clear that there is indeed and insidious and intractable cult operating at the heart of the Labour party.

Most of these cultists describe themselves as Blairites, after their fallen leader, Tony Blair. Some will dispute the Blairite label, pledging allegiance to Blair’s successor, Gordon Brown. Regardless of which head of the Chimera they worship they all operate within a narrow furrow of the political centre-ground.

While their idols, Blair and Brown, may have long since departed the Labour party altar, their former high-priests Campbell, Mandelson, and McTernan, remain; holding court and espousing their discredited faith, in pin-striped holy-orders.

Their tired creed has around 170 adherents in the House of Commons, all with an unwavering cult-like faith. They all look the same, all sound the same, and all spit the same venom; like a parliamentary Westboro Baptist Church.

The views of the 250,000 party members who voted for Corbyn are an irrelevance. They will have no truck with those who worship false gods. The Blairite way is the only way.

For the last twenty-five years the phrase ‘Socialism’ has been considered blasphemy in the church of Blair. Yet, as those who would plot an alternative path for the Labour flock gain a stronger foothold, there are Blairites – Owen Smith and Angela Eagle – who claim the mantle of ‘socialism’ and ‘radicalism’ despite spending their entire political lives trying to distance themselves from such unfashionable labels.

This is a typical cultist’s confidence trick. Just ideological Kool-Aid to give you a taste of what they think you want. Their true mission has not changed. Their holy-book teaches devotion to big business, the free-market, and to applying polish to the turd of capitalism. They are obsessed with false prophets and the ‘one true way.’

Despite the protestations to the contrary, these cultists serve nobody but themselves. They have used the Labour Party as a Ponzi scheme; ordaining researchers, special advisers, lobbyists, and friends and family, to be able to worship the House of Commons cash-cow.

These cultists use the age-old trick of trying to convince everyone of the dangers of placing your trust in false prophets, challenging their orthodoxy, or questioning their revisionist history. They even try to paint others as a cult; as weirdos, freaks, as dangerous to the Labour party, and to society.

If you have – or can afford – a vote in the Labour party leadership election, don’t fall for the lies, spin, smears, and Blairite Kool-Aid, that’s heading your way.


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