Corbyn’s Labour: A Port in The Storm. It’s No Time for Civil War.

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Britain is a Fractured Society.

The Prime Minister has promised to resign in October 2016; the party of government is tearing itself apart; a slim majority of the British public – mainly in England and Wales – voted to take the UK out of the European Union; the Scottish government are threatening to veto the results; and the Leave campaign are already reneging on their campaign promises of vast wealths for the NHS and an end to free movement.

Britain desperately needs a party that can lead, and unite the people.

A party that can stand united before the British public and work tirelessly as statesmen to ensure that the British public are confident that someone is looking out for them.

A party such as the Labour Party.

If Labour follows the current course, then this cannot be.

Last night, Shadow Foreign Secretary, Hilary Benn was sacked from the Shadow Cabinet in response to his public support of a coup against his party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. This morning, the Shadow Minister for Young People and Voter Registration, Gloria del Piero and Shadow Health Secretary, Heidi Alexander both resigned.

The media are running stories on Labour instead of focusing their attention upon the immediate impact, and the future implications of a British withdrawal from the EU – including a government in crisis. Thus, at a time when the Shadow Foreign Secretary should be in Europe meeting with his European counterparts, “Hilary Benn” is instead trending at 1st on Facebook, and the closed echo chambers of the Labour party are ablaze with infighting, while the ship of state drifts in European waters.



Ships in a Gale, William de Van de Velde


These senior politicians are turning their backs on their nation in a time of need! They are engaging in in-house fighting and divisive politics, instead of supporting a shocked and bitterly divided nation, still reeling from the EU referendum results.

Britain needs its Parliament and its politicians to work together to map out a future course for a dis-United Kingdom, because on the 24th June everything changed.

The political battle between New Labour and Old Labour can wait for a couple of months. Cameron has not yet formally resigned. Article 50 is not yet triggered. There is much work to be done. An election is not yet on the table, if at all before 2020. Whatever criticisms of the Labour leadership one may have, now is not the time.

Scotland is threatening to breakaway from the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland want a referendum on unity. Europe are pressuring the UK to trigger Article 50. The nationalist-right is on the rise. The financial markets are in turmoil!

The Labour leadership is the least of Britain’s problems!

The British people are in need of hope and of leadership in this brave new world. Labour must put aside its internal battling, and do its job as an opposition government and as the party of the people – providing stability, strength, and reassurance.

It is time for Labour MPs to stand united as the People’s Port in this Storm.


The Shadow Cabinet, united during the EU Referendum



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