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Jacob Rees-Mogg: a posh Mr Bean?

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With his posh accent and the appearance of a rich, eccentric Tory old boy, Jacob Rees-Mogg is becoming a social media sensation. But who is the true Rees-Mogg?

Rees-Mogg is a backbench Tory MP, a Brexiteer and to some respect, a man that seems to be living in 1950s Tory Britain whilst dreaming about the next royal garden party. Sounds fun? The truth is, there is nothing fun about him.

A True Tory

Jacob Rees-Mogg entered parliament in 2010 after working as a fund manager in the City of London.

During the EU referendum’s campaign, he was a virulent Brexiteer and he didn’t shy away from the fact that he wants a hard Brexit, even if it will damage the UK economy.

He appears as a buffoon to some, but Rees-Mogg is a very well-educated man that studied at Eton and Oxford with the elite.  To say that Rees-Mogg was born into a privileged family is an understatement.

The man came to the spotlight during the 1997 General Election when he attracted ridicule after he brought his faithful nanny along with him as he battled to be elected to the working-class Labour seat of Central Fife.

Outside of his political career, he is the father of six children, and as a true posh boy, he called his last son Sixtus Dominic Boniface Christopher.

His wife is a journalist, Helena de Chair, daughter of the aristocrat Somerset de Chair. Yes, that’s right. You didn’t think Rees-Mogg would get married to a commoner, did you?

Yet, the man who seems closer to a posh version of Mr Bean is a true Tory. And he’s a clever one at that. Unlike most other Tories he has mastered the art of social media and developed a decent appearance and presence.

By using his Instagram account to announce the birth of his sixth child, and by calling him Sixtus, he knew that he would become a media sensation.


Between the satirical Facebook page Moggmentum to his official Instagram account, Rees-Mogg has won well over 29K followers.

His popularity is growing to the point that a cult of personality around him now exists due to a very sophisticated and intelligent social media strategy that has transformed him into a media sensation.

And like the phenomenon of Corbynistas or the Milifandom, it is Rees-Moggs online fans that have been stirring up the cult.

Some affectionate page such as Ready for Rees-Mogg” group has gained more than 10,000 signatures on a petition for him to run for Prime Minister.

Obviously, at the moment, this is nothing serious. However, it has helped to raise Rees-Mogg’s social media profile and transform him from an old-fashioned Conservative posh boy, into a cool, likeable, perhaps even funny man like Mr Bean.

But, Mr Bean was funny for all the right reasons whereas Rees-Mogg, things aren’t that funny when it comes to serious matters such as the vote on the pay cap for public service workers which he supports, or for the austerity measures he voted for.

The truth is that Rees-Mogg is like any other Tory MP. A cold and calculating politician that has made working-class families up and down the country, poorer.

So, the #Moggmentom might be funny, but Rees-Mogg isn’t.



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