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Clinton Spits in Progressives’ Eyes with VP Pick

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Yesterday, Hilary Clinton announced her Vice President (VP) pick would be Tim Kaine, former Virginia Governor, and current Virginia Senator. Kaine is also former chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). So, he’s about as establishment as they come.


Here’s a list of his stances from OnTheIssues.org.


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At first glance it doesn’t seem too bad, but Kaine is an avid supporter of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), another disastrous US trade deal. He also supports deregulating big banks, which was one of the reasons for the 2008 crash. Kaine isn’t as dangerous as Donald Trump – but he’s still dangerous.


He also seems to support vicious pay day lending practices. Just days ago 28 Senators sent a letter to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau urging it to tighten its new rule against predatory payday lending. Kaine didn’t sign it (you can read the letter here).


Interestingly, the current chair of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, recently reversed her stance on predatory payday lending and now supports legislation that would hurt the already economically burdened recipients of these loans.


What is it about chairing the Democratic party and supporting policies that hurt the middle class? I thought the Democratic party cared about the little guy…


The long and short of it is this: TPP and bank deregulation hurts the US because these policies hurt the middle class. These policies shrink the middle class and help to expand the gap between the very rich and the poor.



  • The TPP is a terrible trade agreement. It outsources jobs and essentially puts Americans in competition with international workers who reside in countries where they are paid chump change for wages. Corporations would be able to sue countries for lost profits for silly things like warning labels on packaging. It also increases privacy invasion to police things like illegal downloads. What’s worse? The agreement was carried out in secret. Therefore, voting for a candidate that rejects the TPP is very important. Both Clinton and Kaine support the TPP.
  • Bank deregulation largely contributed to the 2008 crash. It was Bill Clinton that repealed Glass-Steigall just before he left office, which deregulated wall street and an economic crash ensued shortly thereafter.
  • Pay Day Lenders prey on the poor and these lenders have started to pop up all over poor and minority neighbourhoods to take advantage of Americans that have no possible way of paying back loans with astronomical interest rates.


All of these policies are disastrous and Clinton’s VP pick supports them. Bernie Sanders just endorsed her pursuant to the DNC rules. Both parties were to come together to create the most progressive party platform in US history.


Instead of choosing a Progressive, Clinton spat in Progressives’ eyes and chose a corporatist establishment Democrat with no real hang-ups about the system that put him in power.


Kaine’s policies are the antithesis of a Progressive agenda. Corporate Democrats, like Clinton and Barack Obama, are the bane of the Progressive existence because they represent incremental change that hurts America’s middle class.



Hey, Hillary, we’ll see you in Philly.


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