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New research has discovered 27 new viruses amongst bees. This includes one transmitted via pollen.
Environment Science & Technology

Scientists find 27 new viruses in bees potentially aiding conservation efforts

One of the most pressing potential ecological disasters faced in the near-future is the decline in the population of various species of bees. New research has indicated that this decline may be a result of a multitude of hitherto undiscovered viruses affecting the bee.  Despite the fact that bees are considered vitally important to our ecosystems due to their role as pollinators, up until now scientists have known relatively little about the viruses that affect them. 

Environment Science & Technology

The hidden dangers of climate change: Huge reserves of mercury found in arctic permafrost

One of the most pressing but often over-looked concerns with increasing global temperatures are the dangers gradually revealing themselves to scientists from unexpected, previously unconsidered sources. Scientists have discovered that permafrosts hide a potentially deadly threat to ecosystems, massive reserves of mercury hidden in permafrost in the Northern Hemisphere.