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A very British coup, right under Labour members’ noses

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I posit that the west has no democracy left.

The two party system exists, but as an expensive, showy, hollow facade. This has been achieved through undermining the opposition parties in both UK and US. Everybody with a brain knows that in UK, post-Tony Blair, real Labour was hijacked. Don’t take my word for it. Dr. Gaye Johnston, a Labour member for 50 years with a PhD in politics, meticulously explains the process in “New Labour: was the gain worth the continuing pain?”.

A ‘worker’s party’?

Evidence and inside knowledge is brought to support the fact that democratic processes have been sabotaged in an organisation that’s still sold as a ‘worker’s party’. That in UK, many rather than few had a good life was owing to the hard battles of Labour, a party born out of a movement. That now Corbyn leads the helm is not enough hope for the careful observer.

In Labour the leader effectively has little power. Everything he, or the people do across the country, who gather sleeplessly in Branch/Constituency Labour Parties (BLP/CLP), can be taken back by the NEC. This summer’s failed “Chicken Coup” and the purge of countless of Labour members to prevent them voting for Corbyn in the new and unnecessary leadership challenge has shown how unstable his position is.

After his September victory one might be tempted to sit back and enjoy. Wrong. Soon after democracy won again, during Conference, the dark forces conspired to ignore a roomful of delegates who had come to Liverpool to play democracy, and overstepped their demand for a card vote when a package was brought forth. This is vital because among the motions put through, there was the significant one that two more members be added to the NEC, who were undemocratically chosen by the Blairites – Welsh and Scottish Labour leaders; thus negating the influence of the newly elected pro-Corbyn, six-member NEC slate chosen by people in the summer.

Violating of rules

Every time people fight hard – and they do, I’ve seen it – to chose those whom care about them, who aren’t money crazed liars on a race to devastate the world, it’s reversed by the bureaucracy and media manipulation techniques and in this case, blatant violation of a congress room full of thousands, demanding they get a real vote (ie card vote) and not a mockery of show of hands on a vital matter.

You can see Paddy Lillis, the Chair, violating the rule and repeatedly ignoring the delegates asking for a card vote here. Make no mistake, what you see in this is blatantly unlawful. If rules are broken like this, how can you trust the party’s executive body to represent people? How can you trust the party? How isn’t any grassroots effort sisyphic, if the NEC overrules with its unfettered power?

Members pay and support the party, but when it comes to influence and representation, they’re no good anymore? This sounds like abuse to me.

This is in fact a silent coup: Corbyn and his people won two rounds this year, unnecessarily fighting for their position inwardly in Labour as opposed to fighting Tories, which they were elected there to do. And every time blatant pissing on democracy happens, brought to you by the obscure forces in Labour who control the money and the bureaucracy. Lillis needs his behaviour in this matter checked. Which is why members from across the country who are pro-Corbyn and understand the need for transparent democracy have been putting through motions to question the NEC’s behaviour on this matter.

A democratic deficit

If you’re a member, research and inquire; move a motion at your branch, based on this model. If you’re not, and you want to take the country and your life back from the hands of the neoliberal overlords who hijacked your one democratic party, I recommend you join and fight the good fight. There is nothing that promises to take care of itself and prevent UK from being as undemocratic as US where voters were pushed into a corner to vote between two evils when good people, very popular people were running: Bernie Sanders and Dr Jill Stein.

The truth is the corporate, military and banking interests have permeated most if not all layers of economy and politics, and where they do not have direct bribed influence, they manifest passive influence in the minds of otherwise good people, by misinformation.

All we have left is democratic means, and until they sweep them all away (as they started), the: a) momentum of Brexit and Trump malcontent, b) the invisible suffering of the poor mass and c) the coddled, but possibly good, will of the middle class can amount to a lot. The force of sheer numbers and the force of democratic structures left in place by heroic forefathers. Let’s not allow them torn down.

I strongly advise every Labour member to move this motion in their BLP and CLP. The more CLP that call for this rectification, the less NEC can sleep on its despotic laurels. It is time to reclaim our democracy.


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