Steve Topple

Steve Topple is an independent journalist, and political and social commentator. Covering a varying range of topics from domestic politics, economics and social/ethnological issues to the Middle East, Europe and Russia, via pop culture and music/literary reviews – his opinions have been cited as “ultra-left and sectarian” by Owen Jones, while many consider him a firebrand of the freelance world, with an acerbic tongue and no-nonsense style. Permanently based at The Canary Says as a contributing writer, he is also UK Political Editor for newly-established Scisco Media and has a weekly Op-Ed column with the CommonSpace. He frequently contributes for the Independent and openDemocracy, has written for the Morning Star, Red Pepper, Occupy and INSURGEIntel amongst others, and can be seen on television as a regular commentator on Russia Today UK and Al Jazeera and heard on Sputnik International Radio and Talk Radio Europe. His "home" is at Consented where he is resident, publishing his analysis of Prime Minister's Questions every Wednesday along with frequent longform and opinion pieces and contributions to their TV channel. Commissions are welcomed on any subject and in any format.