Robert Lea

Robert is a member of the Association of British Science Writers and the Institute of Physics, qualified in Physics, Mathematics and Contemporary science. He contributes articles on topics as diverse as quantum physics, cosmology, medical science and the environment at Scisco media.
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Northern Rail removing train-guards may impact passenger safety

On Saturday 17th November, RMT union members took to the steps of Liverpool Lime Street station to continue strike action, making a stand against the removal of guards from Northern Rail trains after the introduction of a new £460 fleet of ‘driver-only’ trains. They are not protesting for more money or fewer hours, but for what they believe is the safety of Northern Rail passengers.

Science & Technology

New Species of Dinosaur Discovered By Palaeontologists

A new species of sauropod dinosaur that roamed Argentina over 110 million-years-ago has been discovered by a team of Spanish and Argentinian palaeontologists, the National University of La Matanza announced on Friday. The remains of three separate animals come from species belonging to the herbivorous sauropod-group, which also contains the Diplodocus and Brontosaurus species, which has been named Lavocatisaurus agrioensis