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AP’s Shameful Ratings Stunt Proves Clinton Scared She’ll Lose Nomination

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A day before the “YUGE” CA Primary, AP published an article claiming Clinton had enough delegates to be the presumptive nominee.

Calm down everyone.

Clinton didn’t get the nomination. It’s impossible and AP just committed what many would consider to be journalistic malpractice.

It would be a different story if this article was published on Tuesday after the results are tallied but AP’s piece came out the day before the primaries. It’s utterly impossible to make such a prediction so early.

Sanders is behind 270 delegates and tomorrow about 690 are up for grabs. There’s a very good possibility Sanders wins California tomorrow, which would set Hillary back significantly.

There could be a number of different reasons AP came out with this false and desperate article:

  1. AP wants to deter Sanders voters from voting tomorrow. If voters think there’s no chance, some won’t show up to the polls for fear of “wasting” their time.
  2. AP know’s something everyone else doesn’t. Perhaps maybe Clinton is sure she’ll win because there really is election fraud. Democracy Now covered election fraud in-depth. It’s not difficult.
  3. AP wanted ratings. They could have just covered Trump instead of lying about Clinton.
  4. AP could have made a mistake. Often times stories are “leaked” to special “journalist” with pro-establishment biases. These journalists then write-up articles and set the time in which the article will be released. Even journalists are fallable and sometimes the writings are published too soon. OOPS.
  5. It could be in response to social media campain. #SanderswinsCA where Sanders supporters are set to make that hashtag trend on twitter. Maybe Clinton wanted AP to leak this article the night before to get the media fixated on Hillary instead of Bernie. #SandersWinsCA came about in response to the #BernieMediaBlackout, which is a hashtag that trended that puts a name to the anti-Bernie mainstream media bias that has cost him votes.AP

Whatever the motive, or lack of motive, behind the AP article is yet to be determined. But, what is certain is that Sanders supporters, and anyone with a brain, can conclude something is amiss here. No one likes a news outlet that is so desperate to get ratings, or help the establishment, that it compromises its integrtiy. This is AP; not FOX News, for crying-out-loud!


  • Hillary may be scrambling to win the nomination outright so that she doesn’t have to face the convention. Clearly, Bernie is the strongest Democrat to beat Trump. This kills Hillary because she feels entitled to the Oval Office. Hillary is a flawed and weak candidate and the Democrats screwed up royally by offering up a candidate as damaged as she is. Bernie isn’t under investigation for Racketeering charges but Hillary is. If she gets the nomination, James Comey, the head of the FBI, and a Republican, could choose to indict Clinton in the general election.
  • After AP’s article hit the web, Hillary immediately tweeted out: “We’re flattered, @AP, but we’ve got primaries to win. CA, MT, NM, ND, NJ, SD, vote tomorrow!” This could be damage control. It’s foolish to believe AP, and the rest of establishment media, doesn’t work with the Clintons. Hillary likely knew about the AP’s article. AP is part of the Washington echo chamber.
  • Clinton realized that offering up Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s resignation won’t convince Bernie supporters to vote for Hillary in the general. Now, she’s scrambling for anything to give her an edge.
  • CA’s new voter registration up over 200%… The more people that vote, the higher the likelyhood that Bernie wins.


How embarrasing will it be for AP if Sanders wins CA and goes on to win the convention?

This is a fail of epic proportions, AP. This isn’t journalism. It’s a failed attempt to control information. That’s the antithesis of journalism. Lap dog press is so last election.

It’s not over, yet. Get out there and VOTE!




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