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Will there be another General Election this year?

general election
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The short answer? No. I don’t believe there will be another General Election – this year anyway. After her horrific campaign, Theresa May will not risk completely losing her stance and the Tories would rather a weak prime minister than a Labour prime minister. Theresa May is known amongst her colleagues for making decisions and standing by those decisions, come what may (excuse the pun!).

Many are calling on May to stand down; although she did not ‘lose’ the General Election she has, no doubt, worsened her position in the House of Commons and that has resulted in her being solely reliant on the support of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to get through legislation such as the Queen’s Speech and future Budgets. Theresa May also negotiated a deal for the bargain price of a billion pounds over the duration of Parliament.

Last week, the Tories and DUP MPs managed to narrowly avoid defeat the other parties in a vote whether to scrap the cap on public sector pay: it is currently capped a 1% and this cap is resulting in nurses admitting to using food banks and even questioning if they are able to continue with their jobs. There is no doubt that these doctors, nurses, firefighters and police officers are all feeling the strain of the austerity that Mrs May and her party are in favour of.


Theresa May’s General Election campaign was U-turn after U-turn after U-turn. May and her colleagues have also done a U-turn on abortion rights after it was realised she would lose the vote. This U-turn now means that women from Northern Ireland can now have abortions for free on the NHS. Obviously, this highlights May’s strong and stable leadership once again.

Jeremy Corbyn had a decent campaign. It was certainly less disastrous than May’s. However, a few members of his cabinet did not help him too much. Dianne Abbott’s infamous gaff with the police numbers on LBC will not be forgotten anytime soon by voters, nor Corbyn’s own gaff with the childcare cost on 5live. Both should consider some media re-training at some point in the future. However, despite these unhelpful interviews, it did not harm them too badly. Considering where Labour was six months pre-election, a hung parliament was a good result.

Cross-Party Chaos

The Liberal Democrat’s leader, Tim Farron, has subsequently resigned as he felt he could not be a Christian and leader of the Lib Dems (I think Farron means he cannot hold homophobic views and be the leader of a ‘progressive’ party). The Scottish Nationalist Party did not hold their overwhelming majority, which was no big surprise as they had completely outdone themselves in the 2015 General Election. There was no question it was a Tory versus Labour Party election: we’re still in a two party system. The Progressive Alliance didn’t go as planned either, but then again, politics isn’t a place for friendly pacts and deals.

To call another election this year, considering how things have been going for Theresa May recently, would give Jeremy Corbyn and Labour a significant chance of being the largest party. So although many Tory backbenchers and certainly the 1922 Committee will be deeply annoyed with May, her campaign and leadership, they would prefer to stay in government than be in the opposition’s position anytime soon.


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