About Us

Scisco Media was launched on 23rd December 2015. The idea was simple and in a way, unoriginal but surprisingly uncommon. The idea was to create a media organisation that did things differently and properly. And, after creating Scisco Media, we were astounded at the wave of support for our project. Despite being a relatively new media outlet trying to establish itself in an environment where outlets are branded as Fake News (thanks, Donald), we’ve managed to avoid that label through hard work and a commitment to unbiased facts and the truth. Within Scisco Media’s first year went through 3 different websites to the one you’re on now and went from three digit views per month to six. Our success clearly shows how many people actually want news that tries to be meaningful rather than click-bait and sensationalism and trivia focused news. People appreciate media that’s honest and principled and that’s largely based on facts rather than agenda driven opinion.

In practical terms, how are we different?

1. We do not negotiate our advertisement deals. We currently use Google AdSense and this results in a minuscule turnover but means you can rest assured that we are not at all influenced by corporations. In the near future, we would like to cut out corporate advertisements by two-thirds. In order to do this, we need to be receiving over £120 in donations per month. Once we have this, we’ll limit advertisements to one per article.
2. We are a not for profit organisation. All of our profit (if we make any) is returned back into our organisation. This significantly reduces the motive to produce clickbait, sensationalist and opinion articles and helps us to refine our methods and improve on our
3. You can view all of our aggregate news sources so you know that we only use the most reliable sources, via our RSS news feed, here:
4. Our writers are more Mediactivist’s than writers. They’re paid per article, not per hour. This results in writers writing for things they are passionate about rather than writing for the sake of writing.
5. Our writers have either found us, or we’ve talent spotted them by searching the World Wide Web’s mass of hobbyist bloggers. This has resulted in writers who tend to be much more passionate about their topics and our vision rather than career-oriented writers.
6. Our writers are paid using a hybrid payment system. They first receive a payment for the article, then a payment per word count and then they receive 100% of the revenue generated from adverts by their article. We hope to pay more per word count in the near future.
Our finances

Writers receive 100% of the advertisement revenue generated from their articles and then get top up payments for word count and for the articles themselves and this is funded by donations.

All other revenues go towards website hosting, a social media and SEO package, editors and finally, marketing!

How can you help?

1. We’d love to hear what you think of our project. Ideas, suggestions and critique are the best ways you can help us. Contact us here to tell us what you think.
2. We’re on social media and by following us on Twitter and liking our Page on Facebook and following our other channels you can help to grow our audience. You can also encourage others to follow us and check us out.
3. Finally, we need help financially in order to pay our bills, make writing more worthwhile for our writers, most of whom have full-time jobs and help us grow our audience through technology and marketing. You can donate here: Coming soon!
4. Subscribe to our RSS – Coming soon!
5. Subscribe to our regular weekly e-newsletters, here.

Want to join the Scisco Family?

Applying to join is easy. All you need to do is to email us with a few examples of your work, or perhaps, a link to your blog (remember, we like fact-based, analytical pieces more than anything) and also, a brief statement telling us what you’re passionate about, what you like to write about, what you like about our organisation.

You can email us by going to our contact us page, here.