About Us

Scisco Media is a new and exciting media organisation. It operates with a unique and revolutionary media business model.

We created Scisco to challenge the media consensus and status quo, bringing alternative media to the public. Alternative media that you can trust and that can make an amazing and positive impact on society and the environment.

We have taken journalism back to its roots with a refreshing, positive and people-focused business model.

Today’s mainstream media operates under Noam Chomsky’s infamous Propaganda Model. This model and the research that Noam Chomsky conducted into the media played a big role in the founding of Scisco Media. As a result, you’ll notice that we don’t operate under this model – not even remotely.

It’s imperative that alternative media thrives if society is to thrive.

There is a major flaw with most mainstream media business models. That flaw is the intense focus on revenue generation and profit. Although healthy finances are important to a business’s survival and continuation, research tells us that a successful business is a business that provides a great service and/or product.

At Scisco Media, we have put quality way ahead of profit. We based our business model on providing quality media that will have a positive social impact – not journalism to appease corporate advertisers!

Our business model is based on 5 key factors:

  • Team – A diverse collection of dedicated and passionate writers, or what we call – Mediactivists!
  • Quality – Ensuring very high editorial standards that cuts out mainstream media sensationalism and focuses on quality, depth and ALL of the facts.
  • Alternative Income – In an attempt to cut back on corporate adverts, Scisco Media tries to generate revenue through alternative means as much as possible.
  • Reinvestment of Income – 100% of Scisco Media’s profits are put back into the organisation
  • Creativity – Making sure that Scisco Media is an alternative to the mainstream and that it is constantly adapting, developing and evolving.

Not for Profit

Scisco Media is a not-for-profit organisation. 100% of our profits are reinvested back into the organisation. Our revenue comes from donations and online advertising.

You can help to support Scisco and the Media Revolution by subscribing or making a one-off donation.

We also have several outgoings:

  • monthly server hosting costs
  • payments for articles and editing
  • website security
  • social media marketing
  • staff salaries
  • organisational developments/improvements.

After hosting and security costs totalling £125 a month, everything else is split as follows:



Editors play a big role at Scisco Media. They develop and expand our team of writers, promote content, fact check, edit the website and the articles.

They also play a vital role in ensuring that content is of high quality and that writers are always improving. Our editors are passionate and dedicated individuals. As things stand, editors do not receive any payment for the extra work that they do, but we want to change this.

As Scisco receives more regular donations we will be able to pay our editors based on the quantity of work that they edit as well as a supplementary wage for all the other work that they do.

Our Writers

Articles make up the majority of Scisco Media’s content. We have a global and ever expanding team of fantastic writers producing them daily

Our team has grown from a handful to over 30 writers in under a year. We add writers to our team by inviting submissions and talent spotting the bylines on the best blogs.

We pay writers based on the percentage of traffic their articles generate. Our editorial team ensure that article quality remains high.

We want to develop a hybrid system of payment for our writers. This will allow us to pay them partly by the word, and partly by traffic generated. Writers receive at least 50% of the revenue they have generated after costs.

Instead of hiring writers full-time, we found that quality comes from a desire to write not contractual obligation.