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100 million Americans expected to be inundated with propaganda tonight

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General Election Presidential Debate

The first general election presidential debate is to air tonight, September 26, 2016, at Hofstra University. Rules are set by the Commission of Presidential Debates (CPD), which is controlled by the Republican and Democratic parties. The CPD is responsible for creating the rules that excluded Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, and Green Party candidate, Jill Stein. In essence, the CPD ensured Americans will only view two sides of the same coin and any challenge to an alternate way of thinking proposed by Stein or Johnson, won’t be tolerated.

Perhaps the expected viewership is so high because the debate has shaped up to be more of a verbal boxing match, which gives the event a sports-like feel. And we know how Americans love their sports! More American viewers watch sports than news or basically any show that’s political or even educational in nature.

Lester Holt, news anchor for NBC, will be the moderator. NBC is considered an establishment network tailored to Democrats. Trump instinctively whined about being moderated by a Democrat but Holt is actually a registered Republican. Also, NBC is owned by General Electric (GE), therefore, you should expect no challenges to any of GE’s interests like promoting oil and gas energy over green energy, fracking, unnecessary interventions (war), keeping corporate tax rates low, and keeping money in politics. Any challenges to these notions won’t be tolerated.


However, GE shouldn’t worry because Trump and Clinton have supported all of these middle-class crushing policies to varying degrees. Sadly, the only caveat worth mentioning is that time during the Republican primaries when Trump openly proclaimed that he had given money to almost every candidate on stage. He blasted the corrupt system by saying he used it to his advantage. Sure, this is true. Remember the old adage that a broken clock is correct twice a day. Trump cannot be expected to change the corrupt system responsible for his power. In this case, Trump, The Con Artist of all con artists, cannot be trusted to get money out of politics by making campaign donations illegal because when it becomes illegal to give campaign donations to candidates and publicly-funded campaigns become a reality – Trump will lose all of his power. Trump supporters usually fail to make that connection.

Clinton wants Holt to serve as a moderator and fact-checker. This is really quite astounding considering her performance in the primaries was dismal. She was regularly thrown softball questions while Bernie Sanders, her primary challenger, was asked loaded questions and demeaned as a communist. Once Sanders began outperforming Clinton in debates, her strategy was to copy his policy stances and claim she was a “Progressive that gets stuff done.” Most notably, she questioned Sanders’ whereabouts when she was trying to get single-payer health care. Within 24 hours, Sanders released a picture of Clinton at the podium while Sanders stood directly behind her in support of a health care bill they both worked on. Sanders also released a thank-you note from Clinton herself.  The note thanked the Senator for all of his hard work in getting healthcare for everyone. Where was the fact-checker on that debate? Sanders’ response was perfect, but shouldn’t the moderators have called her out for lying right then-and-there at the actual debates?

Two sides of the same coin

In reality, her voting record, fracking advocacy, interventionist foreign policy, and inability to fight for the middle class makes her more akin to a Republican, which is probably why Bush Sr. (and many other Republicans) voiced support for Clinton. She has Republican policies. Trump has Neo-Conservative policies. This debate is literally two sides of the same coin. Emphasis should be placed on Clinton’s sudden “concern” with moderators’ fact-checking her opponent. This is a new concern that never surfaced in the primaries.

But above all else, both candidates are pawns in the mainstream media’s war on the truth. This debate will be more of a state-sponsored, 90-minute, bias-confirming, propaganda fest parading itself as serious debate.

Trump’s campaign advisor, KellyAnne Conway said, “I really don’t appreciate campaigns thinking it is the job of the media to go and be these virtual fact-checkers and that these debate moderators should somehow do their bidding.” Conway must be high or maybe she’s getting paid a lot of money to act like she’s really stupid. It is, without a doubt, the role of the news media to fact check our leaders. It’s called a “watchdog” press. We had one before the Supreme Court declared spending money was akin to speech in the 1970s.


Presidential Commission Executive Director, Janet Brown, basically agreed with Trump when she told CNN that moderators should not get bogged down in the facts. She failed to articulate any logical reason our presidential candidates should not be held to telling the truth. Instead, she inarticulately attempted to distinguish “big facts” from “little facts.” CNN, is known for its neutral journalism. So, it’s no surprise CNN didn’t challenge Brown on her insistence of neutral moderators.  Brown’s statement was an admission of the lack of truth and newsworthy stories that CNN, and all other mainstream media provide.

Neutrality journalism is terrible for finding the truth. Objective journalism is the best kind of journalism because it analyses all sides against the weight of the truth. When you tune into Sports Center, do you want to know who won? Or do you tune into Sports Center to see how many points each side said they scored so that yourself determine which team won?

The reality here is that any truth that hurts the sponsors of the debate cannot be broadcast. The easiest way for the oligarchs to keep their power is to keep the truth out of the conversation. Plus, it makes for super-boring presidential debates.

Considering the oligarchs own the only six television companies in the United States, you’d better have Google on-hand to watch this circus.


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