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As the world protests Trump, what does ‘Never Again’ really mean?

‘Never Again’. A soundbite we hear so often this time of year. What does it mean? It’s supposed to mean never again will…

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Is pro-Brexit Labour Leave a nest of infiltrating UKIP vipers?

According to the Electoral Commission Labour Leave, the pro-Brexit group led by Labour MPs Gisela Stuart and Kate Hoey, made an £18,500 referendum donation…

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Come on Corbyn! Theresa ‘Mayhems’ shambolic Brexit deal can be defeated

Theresa May had bowed again to pressure from Parliament and has pledged to release a White Paper to spell out her Brexit plan…

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Trump, fake news and Mussolini: three of a kind

President Donald J Trump used his first full day in the office to launch a blistering attack against the media, accusing them of…

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Trump and Farage: an unwanted special relationship

I struggle with which I find more chilling. Donald Trump’s attempts to rebrand as a politician, or the world’s perceived willingness to accept…

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PMQs: Mayhem today! A very Tory Brexit shambles

When you think that it can’t get any worse, wait until you watch Theresa May trying to explain that her government has a…

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The story of Tesco, baby milk and the EU bogeyman

Taking care of a baby is no easy task, especially a first baby, or twin babies, or a sick baby. Parents-to-be often find…

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The liberal left need to wake up: we are leaving the EU

Unlike some on the so-called liberal left, Labour has never called for a new referendum or to overturn the result of the EU…


Theresa Mayhem’s Brexit plan revealed… Oh, hang on! There is no plan!

According to a leaked memo from the cabinet office, the Government is overwhelmed by the amount of work that is needed to withdraw…

Climate change
Brexit Environment

Climate Change and the Tories: A Cataclysmic Combination

Environmental crisis On the urgent topic of the environment, the UK couldn’t be in a more precarious position than it is right now,…

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