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Northern Rail removing train-guards may impact passenger safety

On Saturday 17th November, RMT union members took to the steps of Liverpool Lime Street station to continue strike action, making a stand against the removal of guards from Northern Rail trains after the introduction of a new £460 fleet of ‘driver-only’ trains. They are not protesting for more money or fewer hours, but for what they believe is the safety of Northern Rail passengers.

Sure.. Trump looks crazy, but are you sure it's not you?
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Right-wing media using accusations of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ to gaslight the left

Accusations of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ levelled at critics of President 45 and his allies are becoming more common. Whilst versions of this syndrome, ‘President Derangement Syndrome’ (PDS) have also been associated with Trump’s previous two predecessors, it has never before been used in the manner that is increasingly today, to gaslight an entire nation. 

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Trump’s NASA pick demonstrates how out of touch he is

the Trump administration looks to finally appoint a NASA head, Republican Congressman Jim Bridenstine, a politician who you will be unsurprised to learn has no background in science and doesn’t accept man as the key driving factor of climate change. Bridenstine has also clearly pushed the idea that NASA should drop “expansion of human knowledge of the Earth and of phenomena in the atmosphere and space” from its mission statement, instead diverting its attention to what he terms ‘space architecture’, commercial and military interests.

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Reaching consensus on the trans issue is more important than punishing dissent

Labour member Jennifer James has been suspended by the party as a result of her campaign to exclude transgender females from all-women shortlists. But does this focus on identity politics do more harm than good at a time when the Labour party should be focused on consensus?

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Brexit will cause significant harm to the NHS reports the Lancet
Brexit Health

Brexit will cause significant harm to the NHS according to a new Lancet report

All forms of Brexit run the risk of causing significant harm to the NHS – with a No-Deal Brexit posing the worst possible scenario – according to the Lancet.

Thousands of extra deaths from strokes and heart attacks over the next decade could result from Britain pushing ahead with Brexit on March 29th, research published in the BMJ Open suggests.
Brexit Health Science & Technology

Brexit could lead to thousands more heart disease and stroke deaths

Thousands of extra deaths from strokes and heart attacks over the next decade could result from Britain pushing ahead with Brexit on March 29th, research published in the BMJ Open suggests.

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Trump and Farage: an unwanted special relationship

I struggle with which I find more chilling. Donald Trump’s attempts to rebrand as a politician, or the world’s perceived willingness to accept…

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PMQs: Mayhem today! A very Tory Brexit shambles

When you think that it can’t get any worse, wait until you watch Theresa May trying to explain that her government has a…

tesco eu

The story of Tesco, baby milk and the EU bogeyman

Taking care of a baby is no easy task, especially a first baby, or twin babies, or a sick baby. Parents-to-be often find…

Brexit Opinion

The liberal left need to wake up: we are leaving the EU

Unlike some on the so-called liberal left, Labour has never called for a new referendum or to overturn the result of the EU…

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The Bizarre World of Peter Hitchens

Author and journalist, Peter Hitchens, is possibly the most enigmatic and controversial public figure currently working in the corporate mainstream media today. Most noted for his six published books and his Mail on Sunday newspaper column. Beneath the surface, Hitchens displays worrying attitudes towards both women and homosexuals, as well as being an advocate of some deeply unscientific ideas such as climate-change denial and anti-vaccination rhetoric.

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