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Corbyn’s anti-terrorism strategy expose the flaws in Tory foreign policy

In a 1985 speech to the American Bar Association, Margaret Thatcher said the following: “The terrorist uses force because he knows he will never get his…

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Last night’s BBC Election 2017 debate was not the election changing event one might have hoped for. It was nonetheless revealing and insightful.…

Trump Impeachment
Politics Trump Administration US Election

Trump’s Claim to Care Comey Mistreated Clinton Is a Ruse

Yesterday, after Trump fired James Comey, the White House issued the following statement:  One might hope the lies would start after the first…

Politics Trump Administration US Election

What Did James Comey Discover about Trump?

Donald Trump just fired the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), James Comey. Clinton voters are likely thrilled but they must…

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Trump and Farage: an unwanted special relationship

I struggle with which I find more chilling. Donald Trump’s attempts to rebrand as a politician, or the world’s perceived willingness to accept…

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PMQs: Mayhem today! A very Tory Brexit shambles

When you think that it can’t get any worse, wait until you watch Theresa May trying to explain that her government has a…

tesco eu

The story of Tesco, baby milk and the EU bogeyman

Taking care of a baby is no easy task, especially a first baby, or twin babies, or a sick baby. Parents-to-be often find…

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The liberal left need to wake up: we are leaving the EU

Unlike some on the so-called liberal left, Labour has never called for a new referendum or to overturn the result of the EU…


Theresa Mayhem’s Brexit plan revealed… Oh, hang on! There is no plan!

According to a leaked memo from the cabinet office, the Government is overwhelmed by the amount of work that is needed to withdraw…

Climate change
Brexit Environment

Climate Change and the Tories: A Cataclysmic Combination

Environmental crisis On the urgent topic of the environment, the UK couldn’t be in a more precarious position than it is right now,…

Trump Impeachment

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